And This Is Mace Windu As An Angry Bird

Samuel L. Jackson, host of the 2012 Video Game Awards, made cameos in some of the year's most noteworthy game.

Here he reprises his Jedi master role in Angry Birds: Star Wars.


    Because a picture says a thousand words, right? I wonder how many a video would say...

    Oh wait, Google will tell me

    Fuck off Owen. Nobody cares about Samuel Jackson.

      I like Samuel L. Jackson. Great actor and very funny guy in his interviews at least, also seems like a nice person.

        Well then you'll love the 5 separate articles that were listed on the front page alongside this one! Each containing nothing but a picture or link and a comment along the lines of "lol samuel jackson is in this game."

        Journalism at its absolute best! Because compiling things into one article is hard.

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