Ash Ketchum Hasn't Owned Very Many Pokémon, Has He?

Maybe I'm being unfair, but compared to the whole Pokedex — which has over 600 Pokémon, at this point — the number of Pokémon Ash has owned over the years seems laughable.

Here's an image that breaks down what Pokémon Ash has caught and when in the show, along with who his (human) companions were at the time.

Click to embiggen.

Interestingly, Ash seems to favour water-type Pokémon, but has never owned a steel-type or a psychic type. Weird. And he's only owned one ghost-type? C'mon, Ash, those are the coolest ones!

The show is turning 15 next year? Boy do I feel old. I still remember when Ash set Butterfree free....

Via Bulbapedia.


    WOW I lost interest a long time ago. I kinda stopped caring about watching every single episode in the "Orange" season. Then in the Johto season I only watched the first few episodes. Everything after that is completely new to me.

    ...which isn't really new per se since every episode is the same.

      I think I made it through the Orange season before they started just randomly repeating episodes all over the place on channel 10. I may have seen a few Johto episodes. The last time I saw an episode I don't know if Ash was even in it, so I have no idea what's going on.

        This. If you want to destroy a series and its fan base in a given region look no further than our countries tv stations fail of understanding a tv series season and episode #

          Seriously? He is not kewl.

    He teaching kids how to do it wrong! If you took ashes advice in the game you would get stuck on the first boss trying to figure out why you cant kill an Onix with your Pikachu.

    Immune to electricity you say? Perhaps if we use MORE electricity!

      Actually he used the electricity to set off the fire extinguishing system, which made the sprinklers spray out water which then defeated Onix.

      also, as a kid there was a episode that confused me. about how ghost pokemons are immune to psychic attacks. its super effective in the games :/

        No they weren't. If you're thiking of Red/Blue, using Psychic on Ghastly/Haunter/Gengar was super effective because they were part Poison, which Psychic was super effective against. Psychic hits Ghost for neutral damage, but Ghost hits Psychic for super effective.

          oh? i didnt realise they were part poison. maybe the fact at there was no other ghost types in gen 1

    I still hold a grudge against that pansy for not returning to reclaim Pidgeot from Viridian Forest all those years ago.

      What about Primape? Or Butterfree? Ash abandons his pokemon on a whim. I think Charmander forced itself to evolve because it saw the writing on the wall and was faced with the choice of dying on a rock again or making itself useful.

        To be fair, since Lapras, Ash hasn't released any Pokemon.

        he gave away Beedrill to Casey cause he caught that in the bug catching contest and knew she would prefer the Pokemon to him and he never caught Larvitar, just returned it to its mother

        i agree that having not gone back for Pidgeot is the WORST thing Ash has done, purely because he PROMISED to do so

        dunno if that was a dub thing or was in the original Japanese

        there's actually been some good development of Ash throughout the series as far as battling goes... but it all evaporates before the next season starts, and some of the really cool moves he teaches his team are wasted because he doesn't use them again despite being very useful

        look into the 'Counter Shield' abilities that Buizel, Infernape and Pikachu are able to use in the DP arc - pretty decent, but never used after this arc, sadly

    Did they ever resolve the GS ball arc?

      It was supposed to have Celebi inside, but they changed that when they decided to make a full movie featuring Celebi rather than a 2 parter episode. Since there was no reason to have the ball anymore, they just dropped it.

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