Assassin's Creed Creator's Next Game Is Indeed 1666

THQ's bankruptcy filing confirms what we already knew: the company is working on two new games titled or codenamed Evolve and 1666. The latter is under the helm of Patrice Désilets, best known as the creator of Assassin's Creed.

You can check out a table of THQ's upcoming releases at the end of this PDF. Or right here:

Kotaku columnist Superannuation discovered those names this summer. Interestingly, THQ had registered a domain name for "," which is most likely related to this project. Looks like it's planned for 2014 or 2015, according to the chart.

Superannuation also uncovered Evolve, the project developed by Turtle Rock (Left 4 dead). No word on what exactly that is.

United States Bankruptcy Document [THQ via Polygon]


    Hmm. 1666 was the year of the Great Fire of London, when England just happened to be at war with the Netherlands (hence, perhaps Amsterdam)...

    So long as it has 'half cock' Jack Shaftoe - King of the Vagabonds in it, I'm there.

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