At Least 10,000 People Want Dark Souls II On Wii U

Dark Souls II! Announced at the Spike VGAs last week, the sequel to From Software's torturous role-playing game is coming to PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 next year. No Wii U.

Some fans — at least 10,000, for starters — are a little peeved that there are no announced plans to bring Dark Souls II to Nintendo's new console. So they've started a petition. Are you listening, Namco Bandai?


    Not good enough
    need at least 250k I think this says it all

      Truly brilliant movie, also great response?

    >PC Mustard Race petitions for port
    Yess, yesss, further the Games for Windows live cause...

    >Nintendo fans petition for game on new hardware
    lol how dare they nintenyearolds lol

    You'd think with how cosy Nintendo and Namco Bandai are (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with Nintendo costumes, Tekken/DoA devs working on SSB4), they'd have pushed for Dark Souls II for the Wii U from the get-go.

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