Aussie Nintendo eShop Updates: Vektor into Christmas savings

Aussie Nintendo eShop Updates: Vektor into Christmas savings

Well here it is, the penultimate eShop update for the year and it’s a mix of new games and sales, yep sales on the Nintendo stores. It’s a foreign concept I know, but they’re doing it.

Wii U owners are getting the most savings and if you’ve held off on either Chasing Aurora or Little Inferno then this week is the week to buy them as they’re both significantly reduced. Little Inferno has been reduced to $9.99 and Chasing Aurora is now a mere $7.80.

The guys at Nnooo are back on the 3DS eShop just a few weeks after their last game with the ‘complete edition’ of their WiiWare release escapeVektor. This time around there’s now over 150 levels in the game spread across 27 worlds oh and it’s in 3D. The 3D effect in escapeVektor is up there with the likes of Super Mario 3D Land too. I was really impressed when I played it a few months ago.

Nintendo DSi owners aren’t forgotten either with Castle Conqueror – Heroes 2.

With just one update left in the year, lets hope we get Trine 2 next week. If I don’t mention it every week you guys will think I’ve forgotten about it.

3DS Download Software

escapeVektor (Nnooo, $13.00)
Gunman Clive (Bertil Hörberg, $2.50)

3DS Virtual Console Hero Sale

Super Mario Bros. reduced until 27th December Dr. Mario reduced until 27th December

Wii U Download Software Sales

Chasing Aurora (Broken Rules, $7.80 until 3rd January 2013) Little Inferno (Tomorrow Corporation, $9.99 until 4th January 2013)


Castle Conqueror – Heroes 2 (CIRCLE, 500 Points)


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