Bane Wins... Fatality!

Want to watch Bane from The Dark Knight Rises drop mad Mortal Kombat catchphrases on on Batman whilst serving him a definitive arse beating? Of course you do.

This is a pretty genius parody of Bane in the form of redubbed 'outtakes'. The whole thing is actually hilarious, but if you want to skip ahead to the video game stuff, click in at the 3:11 mark. I highly recommend just sitting through the whole thing.

The Bane accent is absolutely spot on. This is almost as good as the 'Bane Plays...' series.


    "And what did you eat? A frowny biscuit?" Cracks me up every time.

    I saw this yesterday. Crackup at the music in the bat.

      7 mins is way too long though. I'm never going to sit through all of that.

    "I'm Bane, yes, that's my name.
    When you hear the name Bane, I guarantee the pain.
    I'm coming after you, Bruce Wayne.
    I'm stronger, smarter, and clinically insane. "

    Literally tears of joy!!!! LMFAO

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