Beat The Crap Outta People With Comic Book Sound Effects

Pow! Smack! Brass knuckles can mess people up. Japanese designers Shuji Tomishima and Takushi Okina are going more for fashion than violence with these "sound effect" rings.

The rings have sound effects that one would typically find in Japanese manga. For example, above there is a ring that reads "do" (ド), but could be used to mean "thud" (ドッ). "Dodododo" (ドドドド) might be closer to "rrrrumble" though.

As website Spoon Tamago points out, these kinds of sound effects are very common in Japanese manga.

They're less common on Japanese fingers, but retailer Mitsubai Tokyo has them, topping out at ¥23,100 for the larger characters (like "do", above) in silver.

身にまとう効果音 [Mitsubai via Spoon Tamago]


    That top right image just screams comfort.

    They should reverse them so you can leave "POW" on someones forehead.

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