Behold, A Portal Gun Signed By Valve

Behold, A Portal Gun Signed By Valve

Let’s say you’re a Valve super-fan. I know I’m reaching somebody out there with that label. And you want to buy yourself something nice. Something Valve-related that nobody else has.

Forget lithographs or coffee mugs. You need to get this. It’s a replica Portal Gun signed by the development team. All proceeds go to charity (Child’s Play). And at time of posting, it’s on eBay for a surprisingly reasonable price of $US760.

Considering the worth of something like that to super-fans, and the place your money is ending up, that’s a steal.

Portal gun replica, signed by Valve for GAAM & Child’s Play Charity [eBay, via Gamefreaks]


  • You might not be reaching somebody. I’m sure you’ll find fans of plenty of Valve games but there are less Valve fans. L4D2, early days of steam and ep3 all contribute to that.

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