Behold The Terror Of Far Cry 3's Goat Island

The uprising has begun, and you're trapped on an island with the rebel goats. YouTuber Robbaz used Far Cry 3's editor to create a fictional universe where goats are your primary enemy.

It's a silly video, but it's fun to watch the goats fly into the air because of explosions. I would play the hell out of this if it was made into a real DLC where the goats actually attacked you.

You can bet your cookie jar that this won't be the last silly/goofy/crazy video to come out of the editor, but it's certainly the silliest I've seen today.

Far Cry 3 Editor - Escape from Goat Island DLC [YouTube via Reddit]


    "SIlly goats, trying to fly away".

    I'll admit, this got me,

    I love the smell of bacon in the morning.

      ...I think you mean Lamb lol

        ...I think you haven't watched the video ;)

          Also, lamb is no more made from goat than bacon is...

            Unless you're Sam Kekovich, in which case there's nothing that isn't lamb.

              You have got to be kidding....

                Say, @Richo , you don't happen to play BF3 on PC do you?

    For those that haven't seen Robbaz's vids. Watch them. He hosts my favourite channel on youtube by far and is very involved with his subscribers.

      Did I introduce you to him with that Fallout 3 video or did you know of him before?

      Absolutely agree. He has some of the best DayZ videos on youtube as well.

    Fiction? That's what they WANT you to think...

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