BioShock Infinite's Ending Is 'Like Nothing You've Actually Experienced In A Video Game Before'

The ending of the original BioShock was a powerful thing. In many ways it was quite revolutionary. According to Ken Levine, the creator of BioShock, it's spiritual sequel BioShock Infinite will contain an ending that has a similar impact. It will be "like nothing you've actually experienced in a video game before."

Levine wouldn't provide any specific details, obviously, but did state that his team was extremely proud of what they had accomplished with Infinite, which is set for release March 26, 2013.

"The plot actually gets more interesting as it goes on," he explained. "The end of the game, I can't tell whether people will like it or not like it. I can say it's something we're incredibly proud of. It's like nothing you've actually experienced in a video game before. It's unique and quite particular to this world, these characters and this franchise."

Despite rumours of a difficult development cycle, I continue to be super excited about this game. Cannot come soon enough.

Levine: BioShock Infinite ending "like nothing you've experienced in a video game before" [Eurogamer]


    Sigh. I'm not writing off the game, but seriously, just about every game, movie and tv show advertises themselves as "nothing you've ever experienced before" or other cliche lines like "this'll make you question everything you think you know...".

      Have you actually played through the first two and seen the endings? Because #2 was one of the greatest endings of all time!

        And I won't argue against that. I'm just saying, that's what every game says.

          Well. This is one game thats pedigree backs up the rhetoric - so not sure why your observation is relevant or warranted.

            Because assuming someone hasn't played Bioshock, the observation is relevant and warranted. As much as pedigree says something about expectations, it doesn't say much about outcome.

              Why comment when you are uninformed? you are merely repeating the obvious. Using a rhetorical statements to attack rhetorical claims is ironic. Your second statement is somewhat contradictory and along the same lines. Of course expectations and outcomes are separate so???

                I can't be bothered arguing you win

                  It wasn't because of my argument? Thank you for your condescending contribution of more rhetoric! Good day to you too!

                  The ending will be ordinary. What was so good about the ending of 1 & 2?

        i was so shocked by the ending i felt so bad for making the girl a psycopath

    So was Mass Effect 3's.

      Hey Perch.

    Dammit, i really hate that my HDD died and i lost my BIOShock 1 and 2 saves... i was sooo close to finishing.... ah well looks like thats what i'll be doing Jan next year

    I didn't think the ending was the high point of Bioshock- the middle twist was the real gut punch.

      Yeah I agree. I guess by ending they are referring to the intense round of golf you play, and not the jarringly simple boss battle or the slightly silly closing cinematics.

    Hmmm when they go on about something like that you know the writing is on the wall for it being shite and you being disappointed.

      Sadly, this is not without truth. Typically, the bigger the vague and non-disprovable hype, the harder the product is to sell on its own merits.

    I'm sure there will be a video of it on Kotaku within a few days of release though.

    Ken Levine really talks out of his arse. Considering he wrote the story - the guy is giving himself a lot of praise - talk about being full of oneself.
    "Bioshock will re-define what it means to be a first person shooter" - Levine 2006. Yeah, sure it did Ken.

      They were fun games but what was revolutionary about them?

    I'm getting a reading of 9.7 on my Hyperbol-o-meter.

    Last edited 19/12/12 4:25 pm

    Hopefully the ending is more original than the cover art....

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