Borderlands 2 Will Raise Its Level Cap Early Next Year

Borderlands 2 Will Raise Its Level Cap Early Next Year

GN today reports that Borderlands 2‘s level cap, currently at 50, will rise sometime in the first three months of next year.

It’s not going to come with Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, announced and previewed today. 2K Games told IGN that Gearbox Software still is considering whether to do it as part of a DLC extension or as a separate download.

The studio did both in the original Borderlands in 2010, raising the cap from 50 to 61 with The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and then raising it to 69 with a free update.

Additionally, 2K is said to be thrilled with Borderlands 2‘s sales performance, and is envisioning a second “season” of DLC after this one concludes. Big Game Hunt will be the third of four promised extensions.

Borderlands 2 Raising Level Cap Soon, More DLC Planned [IGN]


  • OMGosh I would love another season of DLC. I haven’t stopped playing it since its release and have halo 4 sitting here still in plastic..

  • My friends laptop died so we haven’t been playing it at all. Level 25 and still haven’t finished the story.

    At least when he gets back we’ll have a crapload of stuff to do.

  • I get it, I have been avoiding Borderlands 2 as the level cap increase that was promised pre-release has not come yet. All my characters are level 50 and the thrill is more or less gone.
    As a very COD-ish money grabber move, the one extra a LOT of us are waiting for is not only planned for release as the excitement is dying out but also in a second “Season” of DLC. Means purchasing another Season Pass. I think I would prefer to s**t in my hands and clap.

  • Awesome hopefully this could bring more interesting things back to the game got 3 lvl 50’s then kinda got bored of it hope this brings back the passion i had at the start.

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