Boy Asks For 3DS For Christmas, Gets Box Full Of Rocks Instead

It might not have been as saucy as a collection of sexy images, but it still makes for a tale of Christmas heartbreak: a boy from Talladega woke up on December 25 to find a Nintendo 3DS box waiting for him. Only there was no 3DS inside.

Instead, it was... a box full of rocks. Wrapped in tissue paper. While you might think it's a Craigslist scam, it's not; instead, the boy's mother bought it from US chain Walmart, where it seems this is a thing, with scammers buying goods, taking them out, stuffing the boxes with heavy substitutes then returning them, busy/lazy staff not even bothering to check the contents of the goods.

All's well that ends well, though, as once local Walmart staff were informed the boy was quickly given a real 3DS to play with.

Talladega mum buys Nintendo 3DS, gets a box full of rocks [Fox]


    These 3DSs seems to have all sorts of secrets concealed in them these days. Next we'll hear about one containing top secret government intel...or better yet, the location to hidden treasure!

    Nintendo 3DS, the $250 kinder suprise. You just never know what you're gonna get,

    Well actually, the real scam is to find a 3DS box and fill it with rocks, then call fox news and claim that you found it that way.

      Or: Buy a 3DS, take it out, fill the box with rocks. Return to store and claim you've been given a box of rocks. Scam your way to a second 3DS. If they refuse to replace it, go to the media.

        When I had to renew my Xbox Live subscription I bought the dumb Halo 4 version which came with a crap pen in the shape of an Elite energy sword in a little box. When I opened the box outside JB to get the renewal card and throw the rest away, I found it didn't have the card... was terrified the staff would think I was doing exactly what you say, that I'd taken the card out and was pretending I didn't get one. Fortunately they believed me, all the boxes on the shelves didn't have cards while the ones under the counter did.

    I guess Nintendo knows when you're naughty or nice.

    Or maybe Santa just thought that kid was a dick.

    Of course if it was a Vita box he unwrapped, he would have been happy to see the rocks instead.

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