Bring A Little Middle Earth To Age Of Empires

Tales of Middle-Earth is an ambitious mod that seeks to bring the world of Lord of the Rings not to some modern strategy game like Total War, but to one a little older, one that's definitely earned the title of a classic: Age of Empires II.

The mod's called Tales of Middle-Earth, and while it's technically still in beta, you can download it and try it out. While some vestiges of the original game remain, a lot of effort has been made to convert most units to those found in the books/films, and as you can see there's even Sauron and trolls.

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    If this was for AoE 3 I'd so buy the game and pay for this mod. I've look for an excuse to buy AoE 3

      Don't bother, in my eyes the AoE series ended after the Conquerors expansion.

        Totally agree with you 100% AoE3 was terrible, same goes for Empire Earth 3..

    Thats cool and all but what was wrong with Battle For Middle Earth

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