British Developers Get Tax Breaks For Including British Characters In Their Games

Say you're a game developer in the UK. You're working on a new game about, I don't know, aliens planning a casino heist. You're thinking about setting it in Las Vegas, or maybe Dubai. But wait… wouldn't it be cool if you set the game in jolly ol' England? It would be! And best of all, the British government would give you tax breaks if you did.

As spotted by Develop Online, the UK government has laid out the tax breaks that it offers to video game developers for scoring well on a "cultural test" about their game.

Developers get points if the game is set in the UK, points if lead characters are British, and points for recording the game's original dialogue in British. Best, you'll get up to four points for "the contribution of the video game to the promotion, development and enhancement of British culture." Guessing ZombiU doesn't qualify for that one, but you never know.

You can read the full contents of the cultural test at Develop Online.

Revealed: The UK video games cultural test [Develop Online]


    I actually think this is totally reasonable - it's much like films here. The problem starts when they start having to approve projects individually and the process becomes "which film spend the most time in the desert with a minority."

      The history and culture of Britain is quite fascinating it's great the hear the British Government gives incentives to embrace these in other mediums.

      But it is true sometimes Government incentives will be used to get funding in these multicultural films which normally involve as you said adventure, discovery and friendship with a minority which instead of embracing your culture instead becomes a steaming pile of sensationalism.

    If this gets me getaway 1 and 2 hd and Getaway 3. YES

    This isn't surprising, this is what they DO.

    'Brand GB' is their most important export, look at how they flog their national sports teams whenever they lose (and boy do they), look at James Bond, look at the Royals.

    They're not happy unless they're invading or conquering hearts and minds in some way.

    I'd pay for a game where I can brutally murder the royal family, and the media jacktards who love to report on their every move.

    Make a Postman Pat game for Android, cash.

    "and points for recording the game’s original dialogue in British"

    Do you mean in english? In British accents? Did you mean to say Britian?

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