Bubble Safari Goes Mobile, Under The Sea

Bubble Safari Goes Mobile, Under The Sea

Suddenly hip to the fact that folks love the hell out of some coloured bubble popping, Zynga launches a pair of new games in the seven-moth-old Bubble Safari series. Is it still a safari if it’s underwater?

First off we’ve got the promised mobile version of the original monkey-powered Bubble Safari, available for free on iTunes right now. It’s not a bad version of the game, but I still prefer King.com’s Bubble Witch Saga, the game Zynga stole the concept from in the first place.

And over on Facebook they’ve launched Bubble Safari Ocean, replacing the monkey from the first game with a character named Crabby Joe that is, quite unfortunately, an animated crab and not a crazy homeless guy.

You can play Bubble Safari Ocean here. Download Bubble Safari Mobile here. Look at pictures of crazy homeless guys here.

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