Businessweek Says Zynga CEO Is The 4th Worst Boss In Corporate America

Zynga's had a rough year. After its hotly-anticipated IPO, its stock price tanked in dramatic fashion. There have been lay-offs, lawsuits and all sorts of bad mojo in the last 12 months.

And the guy who's supposed to be the brains of the operation? He's reportedly been near tears as he tries to figure out a way forward for the company. After all that, it's not that surprising that Mark Pincus would be named the fourth worst CEO of 2012 in Bloomberg Businessweek.


    Bloomberg: Hey crybaby! Take this *kicks Pincus in the nutsack* haha.

    Love the photo. Needs a caption, like "That's Pincus!", and he's all "What'd I do?"

    That picture is annoying, I have an insatiable urge to punch him in the face.

      I think youll find most photos of him have that effect

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