Call Of Duty Is 'A Good Game, But I Wouldn't Advise It For Younger Kids', Says 8-Year-Old

Towheaded and small-voiced, Felix von Perfall's countenance seems to define childhood innocence. But look into those eyes. Those eight-year-old eyes have seen war, they've seen... things, things no seven, six or five-year-old should ever know.

"Call of Duty, it's a good game, but it's really — I wouldn't advise it for younger kids," Felix told WNYW-TV in its examination of Christmas gift-giving trends on yesterday's news.

The last Call of Duty rated lower than M was Call of Duty 3 in 2007. The title has never rated an E.

h/t Tim Burke.


    My mates 4 (now 5) year old nephew Always joins in on Blackops 1/2 Zombies it's actually pretty funny because at times you'd think he actually knows how to play but then you hear his babyish voice in the mic asking stupid questions lol

    Who wants to make a bet some organisation down here will try to use this video as a reason why we shouldn't have an R18+ rating. . .

    Sure I could look up what "towheaded" means, but I think it's funnier to imagine.

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    ... Who the hell bought this kid call of duty? There is a reason why people down here keep saying that R18 is just going to let underage kids play unsuitable things, and videos like this aren't exact icily helping that point. Honestly, I'd rather wait until we can stop kids burning the latest call of duty game before we let it get worse. It is really more of a problem than people seem to think. (I'm going off the experience of my 11 year old brother here... If he could be any more of the "codkid" stereotype it would be the death of my mother. Literally. As in it would kill her to see him like that. To death.)

      I feel for you. I only see them wondering the arcades and stores and it is bad enough... The thing that saddens me though is that we're going to have to bare the brunt of it all and take the blame for the hole in society and the new generation of cod loving trolls.

      Tell me why you think the government should be parenting us all? Why is that their job and not your mothers who would heaven for bid DIE if he was a cod kid.

      People need to grow up them selves and except responsibility.

        Well, I do think the government should be in charge. They ARE the government after all. I mean, the point of a government is to run the country, right? And don't you dare judge my mother. You have no idea of the situation right now. There is simply no chance of her policing his gaming habits. HIV you tried to ever stop someone doing something they enjoy woe you are a 50 year old woman with cancer, a fractured vertebrae, and hemochromatosis? Especially when the person you are trying to stop is a angry teenager who things he can take on the world just because he sees it happen in video games? No? Then don't think you know the situation.

          Your situation sounds unfortunate but it isn't the governments job to fill in on parental short comings. It is their Job to provide the laws that restrict minors from buying a game that is made for adults. Which they have now put in place. So the blame can not be put anywhere else.

    Poisoned I tell you!! Children today are being poisoned!

    I really mean it. I can actually almost see where the extremist angle of the ACL actually comes from. Parents should at least wait until they're 10 before they let their kids be exposed to some of this stuff and wait till they're at least 12 until they get free roam of the shelves. Ok well give or take a few years maybe...

    Testing. ;)

    yeah you guys are right. But throughout history there's always been irresponsible parents who expose their kids to unsuitable stuff.

    It sucks but it happens. I can't control it. I can only control what my kids are exposed too.

    ...8 years old and playing COD?
    Tell me where the parents are so i can slap them...

    What type of games were you guys playing at 8 though?

      Wholesome RPG's full of adventure. Which I still play now. How we are as kids eerily reflects later life.

        Megaman, Mario, etc. Fun times.

        I dunno why developers seem scared to put any kind of challenge into kids games these days. 8-year-old me probably would be fine with Dark Souls. 28-year-old me thinks "screw this, every hour I spend frustrated here is an hour I'm not spending either with my family or making money". We should be making easy games for adults and hard games for kids.

        No, that doesn't have a lot to do with this article.

      Sonic series, Rocket Knight Adventures, Warcraft series, Command and Conquer, the X-men game that was on megadive, TMNT: Hyperstone Heist, Bubsy, Ecco, Metroid Series, Megaman Series. Ands that just the main ones i can remember.
      Infact i never played any FPS until i was 14 years old and thats because i was 14 when they started comming out.

      Mario. Definitely Mario. And any Zelda game you could hand me. Admittedly, there is violence in Zelda, but it's not the point of the game.

      Wolfenstein, then Doom. Are they comparable?

      Hrm... When I was 8... 2002? Well I remember mainly playing final fantasy 8 and 9 around that time, console wise, as well as the later additions to the age of empires franchise... Of yeah, kingdom hearts came out that year. Loved that one to bits. Danegeld siege also came out that year, although I couldn't get very far I played the first few hours over and over again... Oh yeah! Warcraft 3! Me and my Mate would play that on B.Net for hours and hours. Loved playing those strategy heavy maps, although neither of us liked dota... I also played Medal of Honor allied assault with my friend a lot, although I don't think I ever beat that one. I also picked up a battlefield 1942 that year, I believe, but never actually played it until years later. Also, I don't remember when, bite I think it may have been a few years later, but I also inked up in runescape with my friend and wrapped that for so damned long. Other than those 2002 releases, I also was playing older games... The sims and the sims 2 were favourites between me and my friend, as wall as games that were randomly playable at times. M and him spent hours after hours playing older RTS games like rise of nations and such.
      So yeah. I certainly wasn't playing call of doody at age 8.

      Game & Watch!!!

      Maybe not a fair comparison. I was in high school when Wolfenstein & Doom appeared and out of school when Playstation/N64 landed!

    Well that point isn't really relevant given that COD games so far aren't R18+. Aussie kids have been getting their hands on it R18+ rating or not, at least now a big black restricted "R18+" box on the cover might make a few parents reconsider.

    guys there are 100x worst things a parent can do in the upbringing of there kids then buy them call of duty, actually a 1000x worst. They can teach them hate speech and ideologies, tell them that bullying and hurting other people for fun is a good thing to do, and telling them that its okay to sit on the isle seat on the train despite the window one is free.

      No one is saying there aren't worse things, but an 8 year old with a parent who gives them access to wildly inappropriate material is shameful. A parent who claims to not understand what the game is about is lying; "Oh, what's it called? Modern Warfare? Sure, must be some sort of sports game." This sort of thing borders on neglect. Would you be okay with an 8 year old watching an R rated film or porn? I would hope not.

      My 6 years old son plays games. His favourites are Rayman, Skylanders, Modnation Racers and Angry Birds. He is aware of the adult oriented games that I play, but he understands that they are not for him.

    Lol The heading just about sums up the CoD franchise these days

    Inb4 kotaku defence force argues that not only is it fine for an 8 yr old to play 'White guy shoots blacks 2', it's probably beneficial, as games are proven to be good for you and are mirror to which we can interpret our life experiences.

    I played Duke Nukem 3D when I was about 9 or 10 I think, not exactly 'My Little Ponies' but I guess I still turned out ok. I don't think Call of Duty is worse. I liked Warcraft 2 better then though, I'd recommend RPGs at that age.

    Could kids or would kids too young for the game really actually even play it or find it interesting?

    In a way there's something talking down about video games that they are all automatically accessible, playable and interesting to people of all ages. I know growing up there were plenty of games I went to play and didn't enjoy, or couldn't even really play at the age I was. I'm such for younger kids, COD fits into this.

    I'm sure we all had that experience of as a kid getting stuck in a video game which a year or two later we went back to and found it really easy. As simple as COD now is, I am sure plenty of younger kids struggle.

    As for FPS I was 9/10 when Wolfenstien came out and played basically every major FPS since. I don't think when I was 12 or 13 playing Duke 3D i was too young and it had no adverse effects. Although I think luckily at that stage I was in an age when the games kind of grew up and improved appropriately with my age.

    I simply think though, if you put a 8 year old into COD they probably won't care or find it interesting. I know the whole ratings, blah blah. But I would have no problem with a 12/13 year old playing a COD.

    I have only thanks to give to my parents.
    It's because of their lack of parental guidance, my love for classic cinema flourished, beginning with Tod Browning's Dracula.

    The fact that CoD refuses to deal with anything even remotely close to real war is the issue. It deals with what should be serious thought provoking issues with all the tact of propaganda, not to say CoD is propaganda, but it handles war with the same amount of even-handedness . You certainly would not let an 8 year old watch Apocalypse Now or Kokoda? You personally participate in a slaughter in the first level of Black Ops II on par with Lt Col. Kilgores infamous aerial assault. Shit, at least Kilgore wanted to surf. Mason's just a thug for hire. Sure, you can disable graphic content, but that's only going to happen if the parent is sat down at that exact moment and paying enough attention to intervene. Kokoda is a harrowing film to watch at times, but in terms of scale and content is far more tame than CoD and in addition, instead of being about 'kill all the bad dudes' it tries to deal much more with the concepts of courage, mateship, endurance and sacrifice. Four things that have never made an appearance in a Call of Duty game as anything but a cheap passing reference or scant excuse to cut to a flag with a bit of 'hoorah!' then get straight back to blasting the next corridor of terrorists or Russians or whoever's a bad guy this week.

    It's goddamn disturbing that there are kids actually fighting wars at 8, yet half the world away other 8 year olds see war as an enjoyable past time with no applicable consequence. The sheer flippancy that Call of Duty employs towards war is almost offensive, a little less jingoistic bromance and "America F*** Yeah!" and a little more reasoned thought would surely convince some parents to reconsider allowing their children to play. Even this kid knows he shouldn't be playing it.

    For the record, I enjoy CoD a great deal, I've spent many hours blasting my friends in friendly competition online. But I am an adult. I know this is game is so far removed from anything resembling real conflict it might as well me called Unicorn Force: Magic Rainbows 3: Bro's 4 lyfe. I know that the characters are all morally questionable psychopaths who despite being put up on a pedestal would be quite at home with Col. Kurtz and co. I can see it for the work of falsehood and fiction it is. It's a fun competition, an arcade challenge not a documentary.

    But children can't make the same distinctions that you or I can.|0;d|b0njpmUALVTFuM:

    Yeah I played Duke3d when I was about 12, made me a bit queesy lol. I imagine this 8 year old is a kid I wont want my son hanging around. I like having parental locks for games on consoles and stuff but in the end there will always be parents who think they are doing the right thing by treating their children like little people who have all the wisdom to make descisions for themselves because their parents were too hard on them, then when their kid turns into a little crap, they'll blame something or someone other than themselves.

    I guess this has been a running issue in the thread that hasn't been addressed yet, so I'll take the time to attempt to clear it up. The problem isn't really young children playing violent games. I played Doom when I was in my younger years, but I nevver turned into a psychotic sociopath.

    The problem nowadays is that we live in a society that has entertainment that condones actions such as killing and being a war hero without actually exposing the harsh reality of the real deal. We give eight-year-olds like the kid onn that news broadcast games like COD, but we never tell them about the horrors of war, such as the brutal massacres in Myanmar or the Battle of the Hunch where 60,000 British soldiers diied in a single day in WW1.

    It's fine to let your kids play violent games, but expose them to what they're about to play with first. Don't keep them in a box of innocence. You'll do them more harm than if you give them a sense of morality before letting them be entertained.

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