Can People Still Get Dead Island In Countries Where It's Censored? 'I Hope So,' Says Developer

Like the original Dead Island, the sequel, Dead Island: Riptide won't have a German release, because that country is really weird about depictions of killing video game zombies, who technically are not even human and literally are not real. The game's creative director was asked if he thinks Germans are still getting their hands on the game.

"I hope so," Sebastien Reichert told PCGamesN.

Reichert barely contains his scorn for German law, which forbids violence against humanlike characters. He points out that Gears of War 3 had no problem getting past German prudes, even though it contains graphically violent finishing moves against humanlike enemies.

"It feels fucking awkward to have one of the most successful games in years and nobody in your country knows it," said Reichert. Techland is based in Poland but Dead Island was partially developed in Germany.

Apparently the ability to mutilate corpses is what pushes censors' buttons, but Reichert points out the game actually punishes you by breaking or degrading weapons used to do that. Doesn't matter, the fact the means are there is enough to get the thumb from Germany.

Dead Island: Riptide dev: "You can buy Gears of War in Germany, but not Dead Island. What's the difference?" [PCGamesN]


    I liked Dead Island, it was fun playing a vesceral, first-person zombie horror game with my mates.

    But I wouldn't go so far as to say it was "one of the most successful games in years"

      I guess he's referencing it as a success for him/the company, because you're right; good, not great.

    Dead island was somewhat a flop for me. There wasn't anything that I could really sink my teeth into and in the end it felt like a grind fest.

    Maybe Germany has turned their nose up at zombie games since World at War's 'Nazi Zombies'?

    They put it in the game.. regardless of the mechanics to punish the player, they put it in there.. clearly they want people to mutilate the bodies, otherwise it wouldn't be in the game..

      You know in BLOPS2 multi player you can jump off the map to your death in most of the maps. Just because it's in there it doesn't mean the devs wanted everyone to jump off the map continuously like lemmings.

        Wait... How can this not get through, but CoD BO2 can!?

    Is it because of Germany's history the censors are overly sensitive? Or is Germany just a socially conservative kind of place?

    If anything promotes piracy, it is banning something.

    Well, at least for us in AUS, we'll have had an R rating for a few months by the time it's released so for once WE have nothing to worry about lol. For the record, I personally really liked Dead Island, will be buying Riptide on release day.

    I Enjoyed the first one, got the dlc, and will buy Riptide.

    Who wants a mustache ride?

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