Capcom: Let's Get In The Holiday Spirit By Grovelling Over Dante's Crotch

You might associate the holidays with decorative lights, presents, warmth and cheer. But that's not the way to get into the spirit of the season, oh no.

Thankfully, Capcom's PR sets the record straight with their holiday greeting this year. Shared by Polygon, the greeting features Devil May Cry's Dante, and boy, these scantily clad angels just can't seem to get enough of of him.

Look closely and you'll note that most of the angels seem to be focusing specifically on his crotch. This focus isn't helped when we consider the position of Dante's hand. It's like a metaphor, yo.

Dang. I've been doing Christmas wrong this entire time.

Capcom sends season's greetings from DmC: Devil May Cry's Dante [Polygon]


    Because DMC is meant to be taken seriously.

    call me when we get back devil may cry 2, Dante back

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