Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Resurrects Dracula In The Modern Day

We knew some kind of sequel to the last Castlevania game was coming, and a new trailer shown during the VGAs offered up a ton more info. Narrated by the Belmonts' sworn eternal enemy, the clip showed Dracula recalling past glories and vowing a return to power. The teaser seemed to hint that you'd be playing as the Prince of Darkness. Then came cuts to an exterior shot that looks a whole lot like a modern city in 2012. We'll have more info on Lords of Shadow 2 as it becomes available.


    I really liked Lords of Shadow so hopefully this turns out better/just as good!

    Wait, I didn't play the first (don't intend to) but I'm pretty sure that Gabriel Belmont isn't it? Does he turn into Dracula? And if so, how does that make him the Belmont's sworn enemy?

      He turns into Dracula at the end of LoS 1, yes.


      And if memory serves, Gabriel was an orphan who adopted the Belmont name.

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