Chun-Li Vs Tifa In A Brutal Fistfight. Who Would Win?

Sorry if that sounded like an idle fanfic question. I couldn't care less what your imagination says. What I do care about is videos going to the trouble of dressing up professional stunt people/fighters and having them go at it... in the name of idle fanfic curiosity.

Chun-Li vs Tifa (Street Fighter 2 vs Final Fantasy VII) - Girl Fight! [YouTube]


    Why is this even a question? Tifa without a shadow of a doubt. And if in doubt go watch Monty Oum's absolutely epic Dead Fantasy series to see what Tifa is capable of. Materia anyone...

    Chun Li's style is extremely ridged, no flow to her form at all. That works well in Tifa's favor given she developed her own style of brawling.

    now these women look like real fighters

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    Oh baby, they can both beat on me any time!

    I think Tifa should win though. She's got the moves and the materia.

    Jackie Chan still makes the best Chun Li. ^_- This is fake anyway, Tifa didn't stand still and wait for her ATB to fill before each attack.

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