CoasterVille Cheats And Tips: A Complete Guide To Building Roller Coasters

Zynga’s CoasterVille focuses on more than just roller coasters, allowing players to build small rides, businesses and attractions. But one of the most interesting features within the game is definitely the ability to build roller coasters. From the game’s tutorial, you’re introduced to this feature, which sees you constructing each roller coaster piece by piece.

While the game briefly mentions coaster customisation, after you’ve completed the tutorial, it can be easy to simply build coasters in a straight line, without taking advantage of all of the neat features these coasters can really offer. We’re here with a complete look at coasters, from building them to customising the pieces, and everything in between.

First things first, don’t feel like your coaster has to be built in a straight line. Sure, the first few pieces can be in a line, but just as roller coasters in the real world have plenty of twists and turns, so too can your virtual rides. Even if you’ve already placed a piece in a straight line, you can simply click on the “Move” tool in the bottom right corner of the screen to move these pieces around, one by one.

So long as the pieces connect to the base in some fashion, you can complete change the layout of your roller coaster, adding corners where there used to be none, or even changing the direction of the track altogether. There’s a brief preview of this below, as you can see where a single track piece can be laid in relation to the one(s) next to it. The red “X” in the image below represents a square where a part can’t be placed, since it’s outside of the park’s current boarders, while the green squares indicate places where the next piece of track can freely be placed (don’t worry, the game will connect the actual track pieces automatically).

Once you’ve arranged your track in its new home, you can customise the design of each piece to add hills, loops and more. Some of these options cost coins, while others cost Park Cash, the game’s premium currency. The customisation options vary depending on the type of track you’re laying (that is, whether or not the piece is a corner piece), and there’s no limit to having the same kind of customisation on more than one piece in the same coaster. To customise a piece of track, just click on it and click “Customize” from the selection of buttons that appear.

This will bring up the menu seen below (this is an example of a corner piece customisation menu). As you can see, there are two free options for this track, aside from the standard layout with the Gazebo. You can purchase a small pond for 50 coins, or a tall layered corner piece for 100 coins, and you can hover over both options to see your coaster reflect the change in a previewed mode. Just click to confirm your option and voila. You’ve just created a custom piece of roller coaster track. If you happen to click on a premium track design, your purchase will be made instantly, so don’t click unless you really want to spend the Cash.

Do you already have your roller coaster in its final home, and with its final track layout? You can still customise the ride further by painting the track one of three free colours: red, blue or green. To paint your track, you’ll need to click on any part of the roller coaster and then click on the “Paint” button. These three colours choices are free, while others can be unlocked for Park Cash. These colours range from pink to black, with plenty of colours in between, all of which cost 2 Park Cash to unlock. As with the coaster track design above, clicking on a premium colour will automatically spend your Park Cash without offering you a confirmation window, so there’s no way to preview a colour before spending the cash to purchase it.

Even after you’ve made all of these alterations, you can make them all over again if you change your mind later, or add more pieces to the coaster’s overall length. Keep all of this in mind as you expand out into larger sections of your park, and you’ll soon be able to construct massive rides that put those in the real world to shame.

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What do you think of the roller coaster feature in CoasterVille? Will you work on building multiple small coasters, or do you just want to build the biggest coaster you can? Sound off in the comments!

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