CoasterVille Winter Holiday Quests: Everything You Need To Know

CoasterVille‘s Christmas event has finally become something to get excited about, as seven new quests have been released in in our parks, promising to bring Winter and Holiday cheer to your guests during this holiday season. As always, we’re here with a guide to getting started.

All Aboard
• Search 6 Fairground Businesses
• Search 6 Fantasy Businesses
• Search 6 Frontier Businesses

So long as you’ve been focused on completing quests in CoasterVille while you play, you should have at least one Frontier Business in your park, and the others should be available in large quantities without a problem. Luckily, you can collect from the same business multiple times, so as long as you have a single Frontier Business (like the Gun Rack), you’ll be able to complete this quest. When you do, you’ll receive 500 coins and three Hospitality.

A Feast for the Eyes
• Place 6 Snowy Pine Trees
• Collect from Hotels 2 Times
• Collect 6 Green Apples

Snowy Pine Trees cost 90 coins each to purchase in the store. As for the Hotel, it is available for collection every 10 hours, so make sure you collect from it as soon as you receive this quest in order to get that timer started! Finally, the Green Apples task is completely bugged, so ignore it entirely. Just visit friends six times to get a check-mark here, which would explain why the “Green Apple” in the quest window is represented by an aeroplane (yeah, we don’t get it either). Regardless, you’ll receive 500 coins and three Hospitality for finishing this quest, too.

A Bed of Straw
• Collect 6 Wood Logs
• Collect 8 Hay Bales
• Craft 2 Straw Bedding

The Wood Logs can be earned at random by boosting the Log Ride, but be careful not to boost it until it breaks. Meanwhile, the Hay Bales can be earned by boosting the Frontier Petting Zoo. Finally, the Straw Bedding can be crafted inside the Prop Shop using two Hay Bales, two Rope and one Inspiration each. The Rope itself is earned by boosting “Mega Playgrounds” in your park, but since that isn’t an item currently in the store, just ask your friends to send them to you. When you complete this quest, you’ll receive yet another 500 coins and three Hospitality. We’ll update this space when we learn more about these quests. Stay tuned.

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Do you like these new Christmas quests in CoasterVille? How many of them have you been able to complete so far? Let us know in the comments!

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