Comedienne Played Goldeneye 007 To Get Boys To Like Her

Nowadays, you hear stories of video game true love all the time. Weddings and proposals themed around a couple's favourite game are becoming increasingly common, as Kotaku has covered time and again.

It seems like that nerdy nuptials may have been on the mind of comedian Beth Stelling back hen she was in grade school. The Los Angeles-based stand-up spoke with The Gameological Society about what games she's planning to re-visit this weekend and what she played in her younger days:

… I actually found myself forgetting things a lot, and it's like, can't video games exercise my brain a little bit? Like a puzzle. Playing Super Mario can be like brain reps. Something to challenge me that's fun and is outside of my current realm.

I got the Nintendo 64 in late elementary school, early junior high, and I remember it being a big deal for my sisters and I. I also used to play Sega Genesis, but only Sonic The Hedgehog and Aladdin, so I was never a huge gamer.

Stelling joked that classic N64 shooter Goldeneye was a integral part of her early dating life, too:

I remember playing GoldenEye in high school, and all the high school guys played it. We'd play it at my best friend Amy's house with her older brother, who was hot. I was dating one of his friends, and we'd play it together.

I played to make Robert Palermo fall in love with me. So now I can shoot square-shouldered, stiff-walking soldiers just like the rest of the 17-year-old boys.

It doesn't seem like Stelling is still pursuing video games as an avenue to romance. That's good, because she's got the whole nationally televised comedian thing going on.


    According to tumblr and reddit, this never happens. Clearly she only lied about doing it to get boys to like her so that people wouldn't think she's a true gamer.

      Because that's such a bad thing now? Seriously.

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