Community Kudos

Community Kudos

Urgh. I’ve had a pretty rubbish week being super sick and all, so I’m glad to have a weekend to rest up and relax, I’m assuming many of you feel the same! Welcome to Friday and welcome to Community Kudos!

I think a couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Kudos noms tend to rise and fall — one week I get a handful, the next it’s like a nom-deluge, noms coming out of the walls!

Some super early noms for Freeze, who apparently had quite the delightful BBQ! As a lover of BBQs I can respect this. I just bought a Weber BBQ and that thing has changed my life. Indirect cooking with coals. It’s the future. I’m telling you!

I’d like to throw a nom out to Freeze & his lovely wife, Mrs Freeze, for having myself, D.C. & that Sughly character over for a small gathering on the weekend! It was all kinds of fun, tasty BBQ’d items were consumed along with lots of cider & beer & this rich chocolate mousse dessert which was amazing, thenScene It was played, which Freeze won both times, some how Sughly & D.C. who are film students managed to lose, then we played some Atmosfear & we all lost /o\

Also Sughly was scared multiple times by an air horn, so a nom to him for not murdering me for scaring him ha.

Hey Sughly, you should totally click this link.

I’d like to nominate Freeze and his freakin’ amazing wife for hosting a BBQ last weekend for us Brisbane folks. Saying they were all kinds of hospitable would be an understatement: so much food, so much good will. They even let us crash at their place, cooking breakfast the next morning. Incredibly generous folks! I’d also particularly like to thank Sughly for the ride to and from the coast. Much appreciated, man! Thanks Strange and Sughly (again) for hanging out with me this week too!

Then there’s Shane who’s always just a damn good guy in general!

Ah Shane. I got this early set of noms from Shane, whereis he’s all like, ignore any emails with my name in it.

I’ve got some noms to drop on you, but first… You might be getting some emails about me and some garbage dumping I’m doing. I urge you in the strongest possible terms not to believe them. Filthy liars, all of them.

Then drops his noms…

@Trjn: Dude sent me a Kinect for nothing. Won’t even let me cover postage. That’s no small thing!

@FreezeSPreston: totally spontaneously sent me this:

Wow. Cool gift.

@alexpants for providing a sheaf of useful notes on the draft of my latest book, and not expecting anything in return (I’ll make sure he gets what’s coming to him, but he never asked for it). Must have taken him ages to do (the book itself is 550 pages).

Okay dokey, since I’ve mentioned Shane, I might as well start writing about the love attack that was sent in his general. It started slowly. At first I didn’t know why Shane mentioned to ignore emails, because there weren’t really that many. Then, all at once…

Dire Wolf
I want to nominate Shane for kudos for being Santa this week and giving out heaps of free games.

Shane. He’s a brick house. Mighty mighty. Givin’ all the games out.

Yet another nom for Shane

And they kept on coming…


For being stoopid-generous.
Also Nighthawk.

I’m going to Nominate Shane, even though everyone is going to nominate Shane.

So yeah, Shane. This week I’m guessing he gave an absolutely stupid amount of games away again.

One of the funniest conversations I saw on Twitter this week was between ShiggyNinty and Jimu Hsien…

Yes, I laughed heartily at that one, as you can see from my ‘favourite’ of said tweet. The reason I bring this up is because ShiggyNinty nommed JimuHien (PestiDurden) for this very conversation.

I nominate Jimu for his love of pedometers and professing it in the hashtag #PedoPride.


Once more Strange has been taking her Kudos notes, checking list, checking it twice. Trying to find out who’s naughty and nice. But it turns out she hasn’t been putting enough info in her scribblings.

I need to take better Kudos notes. I have BenJ listed as a candidate for Kudos but cannot remember why. Also #35, who regularly posts thoughtful comments and had some good advice to offer in the most excellent One Reason article. Speaking of that article, great comments pretty much all round. This is definitely a community I’m proud to be involved with.

I concur. Thanks to everyone who commented, thanks to everyone who supported and thanks for being great human beings.

Okay, more noms!

Doc What because he’s my Dragonball bro.

Doc What is my Scottish bro. Earlier today he sent me this.

LOL Scotland.

This week it was Greenius’ turn to drop the Oprah noms.

How great are TAYbies, man? So great! Everything and anything ranging from massive game giveaways, dropping off mystery presents in letterboxes, sharing funny stories, giving advice or just being there when you need people to talk to, or cheer you up. The TAY Community is the best. Yes, THE BEST. Because of that…

Oprah Noms for all the TAYbies, past, present or future!

I’m even noticing a lot of newcomers recently and they’ve all already got to experience the kindness of everyone in the Kotaku AU community.

You’re all awesome :’)

Dire Wolf dropped a nom for NegativeZero for helping his sister out with some info, and Chuloopa nominated… Space Marines?

Space marines. Because they are awesome and blow shit up in the emperor’s name. I like the dark angels the best, but apparently they started as a thinly veiled gay joke? Sounds like chuloopa to me!

He also nommed Spaghett!

Spagett. I like the boy. Seems like a good egg. He showed us where his name comes from and it’s seriously irritating and I’m trying as hard as I can to forget it so I can’t hold it against him 😛 good egg, but. Top shelf.

Where does his name come from, should I google it?

Scree is getting so good at keeping her noms in one email that I think I should stop making mention of it!

I’d also like to nominate f4action again. You know why.

I would like to nominate Spaghett too…

I would also like to nominate my teamspeak buddies (Tech knight, Blaghman, Trjn, Rocketman, Saturday and Jocon) for helping me keep calm while Mum was quite ill. They stopped me from falling to pieces.

Negative Zero gets a nom for offering (and giving me) a copy of Odin sphere. I’ve been trying to get it for a while and had given up. =(
I think that’s it for now. Oh, i would like to nominate DC, Greenius and Crazyguy for always playing the refresh game with me on weekends =D

Okay dokey. I think that’s it! Thanks again for everything and hope you all have a top notch weekend. Oh, and congrats to Shane who, obviously, won this week’s Community Kudos!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I’m am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven’t forgotten, I’m totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


(He almost made it…)

It’s Friday yet again so I
drop it like a nom
drop it like a nom
drop it like a nom

I know I’m close to being late
drop it like a nom
drop it like a nom
drop it like a nom

So who’s it gonna be now
drop it like a nom
drop it like a nom
drop it like a nom

Shane’s the hero of the week for giving all his stuff away
So to show my gratitude I gotta send my nom his way. DOO DOO DOO

Oh, and here’s another one from Mawt!

First up, the Number One Nom Bomb this week is for Shane for giving the greatest gift of all, video games!

In keeping with the munitions theme, I also want to Oprah Nom/Stak Industries Jericho Missile Deployment System Nom everyone for being awesome people this week. I spent far too much time getting mad at “people” for “stupid thoughts” on the “internet”, but everyone who contributed to TAY made me feel better about myself.


  • This makes Shane’s last post in TAY today pretty funny…

    I’ll be back on after dinner probably to belatedly mock this week’s Kudosian.

  • Mark! I actually sent in two noms emails D= You must’ve missed my first one about nominating Jeeb(I think that was the name) for his comments in the “he. Let. Me. Die” article. Gorzy should’ve also been nominated too. =(

  • Just throwing this out there with my congratulations.

    @dc I totally nommed you with the most awesome long email ever on Monday morning. @markserrels did not go back far enough. But know I love you, man.

  • Aw I totally forgot about kudos.
    Man, that guy. Gave away all these awesome games, and hen I said I’d buy The Lesser Evil from him. But he decided to send it out with the game free.

    I need to return this insane amount of kindness… somehow.

    Edit: Also @greenius should get a mention for bringing me in from the shadows to comment on a semi-regular basis.

    • They call me Helpius around this parts.


      But thanks for the mention man :D. It’s great seeing new people post and I hope they don’t get intimidated by TAY and the community, I know I was before I started becoming more active.

      …and you know how to repay him 😉

  • Awww great, now I’m the one guy who went to Freeze’s bbq and didnt nom Freeze. Er, that is to say, STOP THE PRESSES… er, AGAIN! I NOM FREEZE!

    Also I did a sock puppet short film based on the film Shane, but thats a story for another day…

  • D.C. the (un)friendly upvote fairy! (said to some sort of cheery MANLY tune)

    Grats Nighthawk *scrawwww*!

    @Strange I have a Kudos list too but I write reasons so I don’t forget 😀
    @Spaghett You can always set a reminder in your phone when you want to nom. Send them in before like 4pm on Friday and you’ll be good. It’s better to send them in on a Thursday/Friday because Mark will sometimes miss/forget about weekend or early week noms 😀

  • You know what – I really don’t think it’s fair that I won Kudos this week. In the last seven days, I’ve received, from TAYbies, a beautiful engraved pen from @freezespreston, a Kinect from @trjn, a detailed book analysis from @alexpants, and now a copy of Catherine from @batguy. Despite the giveaway, I STILL came out so far ahead this week, even before Kudos…

    Lest I annoy @strange by being too decliney, though, I should point out that I accept the nominations and the win. I just feel like I’m being singled out because my gesture was flashy, whereas most people (for examples, see above) just get on with the business of being awesome to each other.

    • I think it may have more to do with multiple people benefiting from your awesomeness, therefore multiple noms. It doesn’t mean those people who sent you awesome things (You finally have Catherine! Yay @batguy! ) are any less awesome than you, it’s just that only you nommed them. Next time rope some people in to help you nom people. 😛

      Besides, it’s been a while since you’ve won and you’re always brightening people’s days just by being around, so you are definitely deserving of this Kudos whether you like it or not. 😀

      • And here I was wondering whether there was anyone else with a similar taste in games as me! I’m pretty stoked for Paper Mario tomorrow.

        That should be nom in my first post**

        • You should check out Talk Amongst Yourselves regularly. We’re often talking about those sort of games. @greenius is obsessed with making everyone play Xenoblade Chronicles. 😀

          Also, I didn’t realise until yesterday that Sticker Star was releasing so soon! I’m gonna have to wait until next year for it, now. Let me know what you think of it.

          • YOU LIKE XENOBLADE!?

            Best friend.

            @strange is only a friend because she doesn’t have Xenoblade yet. She can ascend to the next level once she obtains it 🙂

            Kinda irrelevant:
            But I found my The Last Story extras from the Limited Edition last night and had a quick look through them. Such pretty art! Too bad it was held back by the Wii :'(

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