Community Review: Far Cry 3

Every year there tends to be a game released super late. A game that manages to almost miss out on Game of the Year discussions, but just about makes it. Last year it was The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This year? It's unarguably Far Cry 3.

I had fully intended to play Far Cry 3 this weekend, but ended up having people over most of the time, which meant that everyone ended up playing more NintendoLand and New Super Mario Bros. U. I wasn't that disappointed, seeing as I enjoy both those games, but that does mean that I, personally, don't have too much to say about Far Cry 3 yet.

Some of my friends, particularly those that loved Far Cry 2, have expressed disappointment with the game but those with zero expectations seem to have enjoyed it. That's a massive generalisation, obviously, but it appears to be pretty consistent across the spectrum.

So I'm really looking to hear what you folks have to say about the game. Should I put it right to the top of the Christmas holiday pile?


    Far Cry 3 is awesomely fun.
    My only problem with it so far is that areas become super easy and devoid of enemies when you clear the local outpost.

      I can vouch for this. I think it would be fine if there were just certain areas where there were always enemies. I think there's still some value in not having to constantly watch your arse through areas you've spent time liberating from enemy control. The occasional car of pirates would do for me. But personally, it's the kind of game I'd rather play again than play once I've done everything, but of course that will depend on who you are.
      If you're really anxious to destroy, there's always the side quests and trials.

      Also, hunting animals with grenades is stupidly fun.

      Im finding the same problem, I cleared everything before doing the main story, will definatly do them as I see them in the next island, its getting quite easy now too with all upgrades and all the signature weapons, the shredder is just mental, contemplating starting again on hard and only allowed to use weapons I've picked up from enemies and not allowed to buy ammo either, hopefully the no HUD patch will be out by then.

    Put it at the top of your Christmas holiday pile

    This game was fantastic on all fronts

    Just geniunely fun to play

    i agree being a huge fan of far cry 2 i was disappointed but it was still a good game the assassins creed touches were nice though

    I shot a water buffalo in the butt hole with an arrow and he didn't go down.

    Broken game.

      you need the water buffalo butthole weak spot patch

      You did kill it, but you have to wait a long time for it to die of dysentery.

    I've played 10 hours so far on hard difficulty and it's very good. As someone who adored the first game, and was frustrated by the second - it gets the mix right.

    My only gripe has been with performance - it's convinced me that my aged GTX 295 needs to be replaced ASAP - but that's fair enough .. its time has come.

      The Nvidia beta drivers help quite a bit with Far Cry 3 in particular.

      I got about 30% more frames after updating.

        Really thats strange when i tried the Nvidia beta drivers it screwed my Farcry 3 graphics and i was glitching all over the place went back to older version and works fine.

      I take back what I said about my GTX 295 - after thinking about the issue I ran NVIDIA inspector while playing the game and realised the card was almost instantly going over 100 degrees and throttling severely. I took the thing apart (a massive effort) to find a solid matt of dust hidden under the shroud. After a thorough cleaning I can now play at 1920x1200 with all the settings turned up to as high as they'll go! (except post-fx). WOOOOOO!!!

        Dude I might try that with my 295, gets super hot instantly - thanks for the tip. Never pulled a video card apart before, but here goes. If it all goes south, I needed a new video card anyway.

        Last edited 11/12/12 9:20 am

          How did it go? If you haven't done it yet, make sure to check out a couple of guides on taking it apart. There's a good youtube video from where I got the hint about the third screw on the fan - which you'll need to remove to get at the matt of dust. It's hidden in darkness - but shine a bright light in there and you'll see it.

    As a hunting simulator its great fun. As an FPS its fairly broken.

      As an FPS its fairly broken.

      Care to elaborate on that ridiculously sweeping statement at all?

      Last edited 10/12/12 11:43 am

        No not really, if you have experienced the completely retarded AI then its pretty evident in itself.

          Ok, so the AI is more US Infantry than it is Marine Corps, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a "fairly broken" FPS.

            don't worry, piat's opinions is completely irrelevant.

            I find the AI pretty competent. They tend to flank pretty well, they spot you pretty fairly, you get a good amount of warning before they see you. They're not 'supermen' unless you count the heavily armoured machinegunners 'the heavies', which is fair. The animals come in two varieties, dangerous and LETHAL.

            Overall, the game is majorly fun, the AI is adequate and effective. I just wish there was a little more in the way of random people wandering around the island offering up combat challenge :)

              wait till they find a road block where youve killed the pirates, see if you call them competant then.

              "FIND THE GUY WHO DID THIS"
              *gets in car revs engine, then gets out*
              "FIND THE GUY WHO DID THIS"
              *gets in car revs engine, then gets out*
              "FIND THE GUY WHO DID THIS"
              *gets in car revs engine, then gets out*
              "FIND THE GUY WHO DID THIS"
              *gets in car revs engine, then gets out*
              "FIND THE GUY WHO DID THIS"

              Its especially fun when you're hiding in a bush, with next to 0 ammo and there is 5 jeep loads of guys doing this

                Played >30 hours so far, taken almost all the outposts on both islands, NOT ONCE have I seen anything even remotely like what you've described.

                  I've played only about 5 hours of single player and had a similar situation where the AI just can't get it act together and search properly. Mostly though it's been a little scary at how well the enemy split up and search for me.

                  congratulations, hi-fives

                  Thanks for your encouragement, @piat. If you'd like, I can send you a signed photograph of me sitting next to my copy of Far Cry 3 with my palm facing the camera. That way, you can pin it up on your wall and high-five me every day.

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                There's a difference between competent and genius. All ai has its 'moments'. I've seen 'moments' like this including one where they all stood around and looked on as I ran towards them, threw a grenade and ran off. Then they all blew up, without barely moving.

                However other times border on insanely good with them tracking me, flanking me, sniping me. I love the game, it's major fun :)

                  So far this "moment" has been repeated, and as these road blocks were set up by the AI in the first place youd asume theyd have tested for this. Its still just an example of a bunch of different experience breaking moments.

                  Also the magic bushes seems pretty poor, jump in a bush you vanish, 20 dead bodies around that bush? nope still invisible.

                  the game has its moment, and like I said as a hunting simulator its a lot of fun. Some of the action bits can have their moment but mostly only the tightly scripted parts, the open world combat just seems broken to me.

              With the Heavies there is a spot in the helmet at the back top where the head is exposed if you can get behind and higher then them you can get a headshot, found this a couple days ago.

                Yep, I've been exploiting that as well. It sure makes taking outposts a whole lot easier.

      I find it's better than MANY others...

        I agree. Take Skyrim for example, if you just casually put a bucket on an NPC's head you can do whatever you like :P

    My one and only and BIG gripe is stupid manual save!!!

    It's 2013! I have 8TB of storage space and a quad Core 4ghz PC with RAID 0 SSDs that save the game in a split second, why then am I subjected to 1988 style "don't forget to save at the end of every encounter otherwise if you die, you will be set back to your last save from 2 hours ago"??????????

    It's infuriating! It's backwards! It's embarrassingly flawed. Sure I get the single slot save idea where you can't just save multiple times and reload something in the past in order to manipulate the game etc, so why then not just auto save like GTA or 10,000 other open world games? I just don't get it.

    Or am I missing some setting?? Please tell me I am! done with mashing F9

    /end rant

      Im on console so it may be different, but Im sure the saving icon pops up pretty much after every mission, shop or base takeover. If you were hunting for 2 hours and didnt save that would suck though, lost few skins that way.

      I haven't had this problem once. I've made my way through the entire game on hard, and the game manages to autosave itself after every mission/sub-mission, when entering an enemy encampment, infact every single encounter in the game I can think of. My only gripe has been with the Ubisoft Uplay servers crashing, and not allowing me to go into offline mode.

      Also Im pretty sure you respawn at the closest tower or fsat travel point when you die with all your skins and stuff intact. and as for what the other reply said I'm quite certain it does save after you cap a base or get a tower, finish a mission only time this would bit you in the arse is after a big skinning session just alt f4ing and not saving

    I've played every story mission, cleared every outposts, made every pouch unsure however how long that equates too.

    First of all the favourite thing I love about tis game is the "American' hunting you can do! kill cassowarys with flamethrowers! kills sharks with explosive round sniper rifles! throw molotovs at panthers!

    I loved the stealth elements to, not to punishing and you are also rewarded for doing it succesfully.

    The story mode was so-so it had its highs and its lows.

    Overall I loved this game, it is a must play.

    Why are you here reading this? You should be playing FC3! Shoo!

    Hasn't quite arrived from ozgameshop just yet I talk myself out of 'just installing it' daily.

    Hows the multiplayer peoples?

      had 1 game, was a bit meh, felt like a cheap COD, struggle to find games on 360 in NZ

      If you go sniper its fun, otherwise yeah poormans COD is a good way to describ it.
      they need bigger maps IMO, crysis sized maps would make it a great game, more chances for sneaking up on the enemy, atm its basically a SMG fest in the centre of the map.

    It is a box full of amazing. I suggest you call in sick and spend the day playing your arms off. It's one of those games where you can do a session and not realise until it's dark outside that you've just been playing for 4hrs straight....

    Far Cry 3 is fantastic.

    They could improve some areas in some pretty important ways, but despite that FC3 is amazing. Once you unlock the second island the game introduces some pretty big changes with really changes the game. Unfortunately, I feel the second island is a kind of rushed experience.

    Either way, Far Cry 3 is fantastic. Get it.

    Brilliant Game, fun to play, only issue is i originally started playing it in DX9 mode before i released there was DX11 mode, i tried switching but my save no longer appears and the games not good enough to get a complete start over

    Disclaimer: I suppose this is a sort of "make your own fun" sandbox game, but I've always had trouble with doing stuff with no goal (eg. if I'm hunting, it's either to upgrade a specific item, or to earn some money, not just to lob grenades at bears), so take my criticisms with a grain of salt.

    Loving it so far (about halfway? through), but the mission variety reminds me of early AC games - lots and lots of repetition of the same quest types - kill a guy, hunt an animal, clear an outpost, beat a challenge, get medicine to a village, win a race. Maybe it's just because these activities can normally be completed in under five minutes. The side-quests proper are interesting, but far too few, and again, far too short. The main story missions seem a little shallow, too, but then I've only just saved the stoner, so it may get better later on... Also, the mission end-points seem rather sporadic (ie. a mission might end earlier than it seems as if it should, or it may drag on into what feels like should be another mission), and the whole "you're leaving the mission area" thing annoys the hell out of me in otherwise free-roaming games like this one.

    After all that negativity, I really am enjoying it (especially the "burn the dope farm" mission - the music was perfect), but I can't help but feel it could have been so much more. I can't help but think back to that (horrible) statement saying it was "Skyrim with guns", and seeing how shallow Far Cry 3's world actually is. I've met a grand total of two interesting characters - one of them was killed in the opening sequence, and the other I can't recall seeing since the opening sequence...

    Love it and can't stop playing it, I didn't like Far Cry 2 and I loved Far Cry 1 but this is better than both IMO, I love the "bad guys" particularly Vaas and Buck such great characters.

    Vas is the single best villain in a videogame in years. That is all :)

    "Don' choo tink?"

      Sorry but Handsome jack still holds the reins imo

    Vaas is the greatest new character of this generation

    Seriously, Mr Serrels? Obviously you've already noticed the rave reviews it's received, and I have no doubt that you've caught a sneak peek at some gameplay footage on You Tube. But I'll write something here too as I want acknowledgement for this blurb with comments like "Cool story, bro."

    To my memory, it's one of the few games I've played recently that lets the player control the pace of the action. Want to go hunt some bears and turn them into a neat weapons holster or other equipment bearing (oh yes i did!) apparel? Go get 'em, Tiger (oh snap!)! Want to take out that control point with nothing but meticulously placed C4 charges? Right this way, Sir. Perhaps you would like to just cruise for Relics and Lost Letters? Feel free! - The main story will be right here when you get back!

    And some of the ridiculous stunts and antics that you can get up to - it's all about experimenting. And as a result there are just so many "OMG! That was freakin' awesome!" moments.

    Bottom line, if sandbox first person shooters are your thing, just play this game. I mean, for the love of all things that are holy to the gaming Gods! You get a wing suit, man! First Person Wing Suiting?!?!

      Cool story, bro.

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    Personally I thought the AI was amazing, on hard difficulty I really struggled with the way they flanked and were hard to fool

    Multiplayer is laggy and broken most of the time on 360. Co-op is just the same stuff over and over. Played through it once for achievements but will liekly never go back.

    Single player is addictive and fun. Been playing this with friends on chat at the same time because we're all over the MP issues. Giving each other updates and hints as we go. Discussing tactics and egging each other on when Cassowary's attack like a swarm of bees.

    FC3 is a drop everything else you're playing and focus on this kind of game. Just wish there were more hours in the day.

    Awesome game. Not many flaws for a game of it's magnitude, great graphics, sound and gameplay. Lots to do, lots of opportunities to make your own fun. That's what sandbox games are all about, so if some people lack an imagination then that's their fault, not the game's.

    Far Cry 2 was rubbish. I find it hard to respect the opinions of people who loved it and yet are disappointed with FC3. Everything FC2 did wrong, FC3 fixed and that's the reason it's received universal praise by reviewers and the community - it's actually a fantastic game.

    But hey, there are just some really negative people out there who can't be pleased. They complain about anything and everything. I suppose they should quit gaming or fix the problems in their life that force them to be so negative. Gaming doesn't get much better than this, next to masterpieces like Dark Souls etc. But even then people still whine because they don't have the attention span/patience to enjoy it.

    Personally I'm a bit surprised by how much I like Far Cry 3, I don't think I've been as addicted to a single player FPS as much since Crysis or Modern Warfare 1.
    Its like they took the best parts out of Far Cry 1 and 2 put them together and added tigers and frickin sharks.(sadly without "lasers").

    Can somebody give me some tips on getting the game looking the best? I'm on an i7, 8gigRAM and a 485M card with latest drivers. Running in 1080P with settings on highest, it's not stuttering or anything, it's running smoothly but it just doesn't look mind blowing as everyone is describing. Am I expecting too much?

      You're probably running in DirectX 9 mode. The DX11 mode looks far, far better.

    I had high hopes for this and for the most part it has delivered. I have to say that the party system in multiplayer (PS3) needs to be fixed though. At the moment I can't join a game with my friends and keep us all on the same side.

    the first time i chased a goat with my bow and arrow, it headed straight to a waterhole where a croc came out of the water and barrel rolled it to death. I thought, this games quite fun. Now i just need to get certain animals together to see if they fight. Tiger vs Bear, Shark vs Croc.

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