DayZ Stalker Wants To Dismember You, Be With You Forever

DayZ Stalker Wants To Dismember You, Be With You Forever

Only in a game featuring permadeath could this stalker encounter become as macabre and hilarious as it is. “This crazy guy starting following me and threatening to cut my head off during a DayZ live stream,” says the video’s uploader. He really is running for his life, and his stalker really is suicidally obsessed with running him down.

And the dying words, as the white knight with the silenced rifle saves the day, are in perfect character.

YouTube video uploaded by Normal Difficulty


  • This has happened to me before. I was playing on Namalsk and spawned by a high loot area. When I entered the building, I came across a player called Timmy. He said over the mic “Ohhh who do we have here?” and then proceeded to shoot me in the leg. He healed my bleeding, but not my broken legs. He said “You’re going to stay with me forever. And you’re going to do exactly as I say.”

    I managed to find a window to throw myself out of in an effort to end the horrific experience, but I survived.

    He howled “Where’d you go!?” and eventually found me again and healed me one more time. But by then I was able to alert some zombies that swarmed us both. I yelled “You’ll never have me!” and then just before we both died, he cried “It’s you and me forever Danny!”

    I went back to find him with an AK about an hour later, but he had moved on. I will find you again, Timmy. Or he will find me.

  • Dayz is full of awesome stuff like this, the best multiplayer experience ever. Such a fanastic time, and the rawness of it just as a beta mod makes it better I reckon.

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