Diablo III Is Currently Running On Console At Blizzard HQ

Blizzard has yet to bring its games to consoles, but has flirted extensively with the idea. It's hardly been coy with those intentions, releasing job ads for folks with console experience, discussing the idea in interviews. Now, speaking to Polygon, Blizzard executive Rob Pardo claimed that Blizzard were still exploring the idea of bringing Diablo III to consoles and that builds of the game were already running on consoles.

"We're still kind of exploring it," he said. "We've got builds up and running on it. We're hoping to get it far enough along where we can make it an official project, but we're not quite ready to release stuff about it, but it's looking pretty cool."

Diablo III has been one of the biggest selling games of 2012 and it may be the companies most console accessible title. It might make sense to bring the game to consoles.

Diablo 3 'up and running' on consoles, but still not an official project at Blizzard [Polygon]


    Hopefully you use a thumbstick to move your character around and a,b,x,y/square,circle,triangle,cross or the triggers to attack and interact with things as opposed to controlling a cursor with the thumbstick and still having to click everywhere. Also hopefully this version would have an offline mode because always online console = eugh.

    I sense that controller issues are going to be one of the big things that Blizzard will need to address.

    It would also be awesome if the 'always online' requirement for PC was absent from the console versions.

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      Why? Torchlight already runs on consoles and so do many other titles in the same genre (Dark Alliance et al). The controller should be fine. It's better... CLICK... than all that... CLICK CLICK... mouse abuse. CLICK CLICK CLICKCLICKCLICK CLICK CLICK.

    "it may be the company's most console accessible title."

    And with that, the Grammar Crusader silently disappeared out the window, leaving not a clue as to his true identity.

    "Blizzard has yet to bring its games to consoles, but has flirted extensively with the idea."

    starcraft on nintendo 64? rock and roll racing, lost vikings, etc on super nintendo? and so forth

    Should be good but personally think the boat has sailed in regards to D3 on consoles.

    Didn't Blizzard bring Starcraft to the N64?

      And the original Diablo to Ps1 ?
      Warcraft 2 was also on sega saturn and Ps1 i know that for certain.
      Which again reminds me that they are the renamed company that released Lost Vikings, Rock n Roll Racing, and even released a couple of snes games under the Blizzard Entertainment banner before the success of warcraft and the games that followed.

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    If they've already got it running on consoles I'm thinking that the only thing holding them back at this point is that by not owning the network the game would be played on, third parties would be getting a cut of their auction house cash-cow.

    I presume that the console version would include the two-thirds of the game that is kept on Blizzard's servers? I can just see this being an XBL Gold exclusive, tho...

    Damn, I just got rid of my Dreamcast last week... D:

    Blizzard hasnt released a console game in a decade or more but it has released them. I dont know why i read kotaku some times, oh wait its generally to pick apart the articles that are grossly incorrect, misleading or bias... or hell all three. Then i read the comments to see if anyone else picks up on it.

    I'm guessing that the console version is up and running (finished product) but the only thing holding them back from releasing it is their realization that they ruined the Diablo franchise with this game, that it will never amount to even a tenth of Diablo II and they are wondering whether its worth alienating the console gamers as well their PC players.

    Tough call.

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