Dial H #7 Hunts For A Secret Telephone-Worshipping Cult

Dial H is the good kind of weird. The DC comics series springs from the imagination of renowned fantasy author China Mieville and plays host to all sorts of weird, shouldn't-exist-even-in-comics heroes and villains.

So far, thanks to ageing hippie engineer Roxie, lead character Nelson's learned some of the origin of the old-school telephone dial that turns him (and her too) into weirdo crimefighters like Captain Lachyrmose or Boy Chimney.

The next issue of the series — out tomorrow and previewed here exclusively — brings the odd couple into a new storyline where they try to ferret out more clues about the magical dial around the world. Mieville's talent for worldbuilding continues to shine here and it's helped out to great effect by the awesome artwork of David Lapham. I really like the bickering chemistry between Roxie and Nelson because it kind of makes sense that you wouldn't always get along with someone you had to share superpowers with. This book is one of the unsung successes of DC's New 52 initiative. Give it a shot when Dial H #7 hits comics shops and digital storefronts tomorrow.


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