Does Call Of Duty Camo Work In... Tokyo? Let's Find Out

You know in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, when Lt Price and Cpt MacMillan wear those "ghillie suits"? The camo outfits look like they're wearing grass and foliage. Those come in handy while sneaking about the Russian wilderness. They're less handy when in urban jungle known as Tokyo. Or are they?

Japanese site Rocket News sent one of its reporters out on the street all ghillied up, staying low and moving slowly. Sure, when he's strolling down the street, the dude's pretty easy to find. But what about when he's hiding? Or getting Starbucks? Or taking an elevator?

In the gallery below, see if you can see, well, him. Answers included in case you get stuck. Ha, like that will happen.

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スタバ初心者なのでギリースーツを着て買いに行ってみた [@rocketnews24 via ロケットニュース]


    gotta admit the good ol ghillie suit is very effective

      And, from what the Vietnam Veteran on my morning commute tells me *as a sniper himself* very hot

      I can only imagine they must have improved since then

        weighing hot up against dead.... im ok with hot lol

    If you weren't actively looking for him then he'd be easy to miss, but the shapes on the suit look rather different to the shape of the foilage around him.

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