Don't Worry, Devil May Cry Fans: Dante Still Enjoys Pizza And Being Shirtless

Remember Devil May Cry 3? Remember the intro, when a semi-nude Dante punched the living crap out of a bunch of demons while holding a slice of pizza in his mouth? Apparently Ninja Theory did, and they decided to have a pizza party of their own.

The above GIF, captured from the intro of the upcoming DMC, shows our hero getting dressed the only way he knows how: While flying through an airborne trailer, his shame censored only by a an errant slice of pizza and an aptly placed baseball bat.

We've got a more educational coverage of the actual game here, but for some context, watch the whole scene below. Either way, I think it's safe to assume that this is how he gets dressed every day.


    I was convinced for a moment that the pizza was in fact Dante being all... excited.

    For about half a second... that pizza crust looks like a giant cock... no matter how many times I watch it...

      There are way too many veins in that already peculiarly shaped pizza crust.

    PC Modders are gonna exploit the holy living crap out of that. Unless the cutscene is an actual video, though...

    It's like a scene from Austin Powers.

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