EB Games Is Gearing Up For A Massive 24-Hour Online Sale, Starting Monday

This is currently what the EB Games Australia website looks like. No, it hasn't been hacked by a boss-eyed cybernetic science cat and his silhouetted walrus companion, it's an, uh, teaser for EB's "Mad Monday" sale, a 24-hour online bonanza of gaming deals, a few of which you can find details for below.

To borrow an expression from comedian Tony Martin, the brain-snapping bargains will begin from 12:01am EST on Monday, so either plan to stay up or set your alarm for 10-30 minutes beforehand and prepare to rock up to work bleary-eyed later that day.

A post over at OzBargains shares the better deals from the email EB World members received:

PS3 Assassins Creed 3 $54 Need for Speed Most Wanted $58 Borderlands 2 $54 Skyrim $38

Wii U Assassins Creed 3 $48 ZombiU $48 Scribblenauts $48 Just Dance 4 $37 Consoles and accessories White 320gb Xbox 360, 5 games and headset $299

PS Vita WiFi $198

Preowned Wii $48

Turtlebeach XP500 $183 Turtlebeach PX5 Headset $158

3G Xoom 2 32GB $348

And here's the email in its entirety if you'd like to look for specific titles or hardware.

ZombiU and Assassin's Creed III for Wii U look like decent pick-ups, with the usually cheaper Ozgameshop listing the former for $67.99 (including delivery). Though the EB Games price does not include postage — as far as I know — so the prices could end up being a bit closer.

Mad Monday 2012 [EB Games, via OzBargains]


    You forgot to mention that Skyrim is limited to 100 copies being sold online in the sale of each Xbox360 and PS3 versions.
    The WiiU game prices are interesting but the other prices aren't really anything to get excited about (except the vita might pick one up if i can).

    so basically just what normal prices are overseas?

      Thank you for that astounding observation, here's a medal for your effort. Of course its cheaper overseas, whole another country, different wages, rent and way of life. This sale is for here, so if you just going to bitch and complain on the whole, its cheaper overseas, then do it somewhere else because all tired of that constant, but its cheaper overseas BS.

      For more point proving which i know will go over your head.
      Aus Min Wage $22.00/hr
      USA Min Wage $7.00/hr

      Aus Rent is 4x higher than elsewhere in the world.

        Minimum wage does not correlate to cost of living.

          But you'd be stupid not to include it in your regression analysis.

        Actually, Australia's minimum wage is $15.96.
        Also, our tax rate is much higher than theirs, between 4% and 10% depending what state they live in.
        Our rent is higher because our housing market did not crash when the US did.

        Hmmm Aussie minimum wage is $16 an hour not $22.

        US minimum wage also varies by state. It can be as low as $6.25 but as high as $9.

    I spotted a major mistake.
    The Xbox 360 console bundle is actually $298.
    Previously it was $299 but there's a dollar discount with the sale.

      You also missed that there is an extra game on top of what is offered in store too. Good spotting there mate...

    do people actually pay this much for games? ozgameshop has most of this cheaper right now and has free shipping on everything

    I buy all my games from here: http://www.dungeoncrawl.com.au/

    The prices are the same if not cheaper than the EB sale, but all year around.

      I buy all my stuff from there too, The thing that keeps me coming back there is the next day delivery.

    Quick check at Zavvi confirms Assassin's Creed 3 is AU$5 more.
    But Most Wanted is AU$12 less. Borderlands 2 is almost AU$20 less. Skyrim is AU$5 less. All prices good for more than 24 hours.
    I think you've been shopping at the wrong UK stores, my friend.

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