EB Games 'Mad Monday' Sale Is Here

Our weekend Editor Logan Booker gave everyone the heads up over the weekend but, just in case you missed it, EB Games is running a pretty massive sale across all online stock today in what they're calling 'Mad Monday'. It's definitely worth taking a look at this one.

There are deals across all different types of stock: new games, older game, even special editions if that's your thing. Considering the fact my 360 has been at death's door for the past year or so I'm finally considering upgrading to the newer model.

The sale is pretty easy to find, it's completely taken over the EB website and is plastered all over the homepage. Good luck everyone.


    So normal prices at anywhere else.

      Just what I was thinking. The only great special I see is the Vita price of 199.

      Yeah it is a sale for EB and their usually expensive prices but nearly all these can be had for the same price or cheaper at a lot of other place normally.

        lol just came here to say the same thing.

        mind u the WiiU games at $48 is pretty good

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        AC3 doesn't seem too bad at $54. I'm tempted at that price.

          $50 @ JB Hifi


            bam 30 bucks

              Only for WiiU and PC versions unfortunately. Good find though :)

                Only for the PC, that site doesn't sell Wii U stuff.

                  Ah yes indeed, was a bit hung over earlier. Uplay and Steam, not WiiU and Steam, *facepalm

    Got ZombiU for $48 (best price anywhere at the moment) and the Halo Forward Unto Dawn mega bloks set.

    I was expecting this to be... i don't know... bigger???
    If you don't own a WiiU, it's a pretty "meh" sale... oh well.

    Picked up ZombiU and Scribblenauts. Steal

    Yep, pretty lame "sale".

      Actually, I've just gone back to have another look at the sale prices. This is ridiculous! Can get exact same price, over cheaper at JB, Target, Kmart. Well done, Mark.

    I really hate EBgames, they always have thier prices way above average for no reason, maybe they just enjoy ripping their customers off or some shit! But nothing can beat a good old steam sale!

      I used to be a manager at EB Games and while i do hate the company with a fiery vengeance, it isn't because of prices. Their prices are high for no reason? Don't be ignorant.

    Max Payne 3 for $19 on PC, not bad. Great game too, just started it the other day. Rockstar quality at a good price.


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      It's alright, EB Games are saying it'll be the 18th of December before I receive it, I fully expect they're shipping a UK copy with AU rating stickers on it.

    It's already been pointed out that there are very few items here that cannot be bought cheaper elsewhere.
    So what is the deal? Does EB pay for an article like this or is it actually considered news?

      Games websites are usually interested in sales. This is because in order for us to enjoy games we must buy them first.

      a sales is still a sale, even if the actual prices are not great.

    Pokemon Black/White 2 are reasonable @$42. I think they're $44 at jb normally - so I'd wait for a sale if you're not in a rush.

      We bought NSMB2 the other day (for an Xmas present) from JB for $45!!! Yet here at EB its on Sale for $47!!

      I will say though - if you have a Wii U - the deals there look quite good, but for everyone else - this is not the sale we're looking for.

    everything i got was cheaper than other places... hoping things don't get cheaper than what i paid but if they do i'll probably buy again and return the more expensive one lol

    far cry 3 insane edition for $48 was a win (on pc)... ass creed 3 special edition for 46 (on xbox 360)

    got a couple wii u games too :)

    That Vita at $198 is pretty good, although they should chuck in a 4Gb card or a starter kit or something to really make it tempting. I wouldn't mind picking up a second one.

    Man those prices really are insane, insanely high AHAHAHA

    Hourly spot sales all day might help, but probably not much

    Isn't this just a massive ad for eb? kotaku will do anything for a dollar.

      And the nomination for this year's bravery awards are...

      Kotaku usually do an article for every games sale be it K-Mart, Big W, Target, EB or Steam. I don't believe they're getting paid for it more that it's what there readers want to know.

      IE where can I get cheap games?

    Bought dark souls with the artbook and soundtrack cd for $36. Pretty good deal if you ask me

      Is that the PC version with the expansion included? Or the original release CE?

    No savings? BULLSHIT! Got an Astro A40 system for $230. Would normally cost me $330. I've been wanting to get one too. Glad I held off! Lucky I searched through ALL their stuff or I wouldn't have found it.

    Picked up the Vita at $198. I know you can get one + 2 games + 4gb card for like $250 at JB etc, but I don't want either of those titles plus the card is too small for my tastes so I'd buy a new one anyway.

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