Eight Seconds Of New Last Of Us Footage

Eight Seconds Of New Last Of Us Footage

This Friday marks the 10th Anniversary of Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, and it’s sure to bring a bevy of exclusive reveals and announcements. One of those goodies will be a new story trailer for Naughty Dog’s upcoming title The Last Of Us, which was itself unveiled at last year’s festivities.

Will it be a very violent and relentlessly grim look at the fungal post-apocalyptic world that heroes Joel and Ellie live in? Judging by this brief teaser, all signs point to yes. The Spike VGAs are this Saturday, and we’ll have full coverage of the show here.


    • Get one from a christmas sale. They’re super cheap and there are some good exclusives. I did this last year with the 360. When the base consoles are this cheap, there’s no excuse not to own them all.

      • The only reason Im holidng out it that there will be a new one out nect year, cant justify spending the money when I will be getting the new xbox and PS next year

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