Elegant Princess Leia Cosplay For A More Civilised Age

It doesn't matter if you saw the original Star Wars movies when they first hit theatres or caught them much later. Star Wars has been capturing the minds of folks for generations, thanks in big part to memorable characters like Princess Leia.

Tough, no nonsense Leia is iconic. And so are the outfits she's donned, providing cosplayers with ample fodder, whether that's the ubiquitous metal bikini or the far more sensible Hoth outfit.

The gallery below has a sample of some — not all — of the best (and most interesting!) Princess Leia cosplay there is. Have a look as you try to figure out who pulled off the best Leia.












[Scruffy Rebel_1]








Top photo: shanna-jones/thatbloodypirate/saraqael


    Last one reminds me more of Resident Evil than it does Star Wars though..

    Needs more Velvet Sky slave outfit pics...

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