Everything You Need To Know About The New Devil May Cry

After what seems like an eternity on the horizon, Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot is almost with us. To help you get up to speed on what's going down, here's five minutes of footage giving you the rundown on DMC, some of it helpful, some of it... less so.


    Was not interested in this game.... until i saw the last cut scene in this video.

    Looks good. The acting and facial animation seems a lot stronger than previous installments. Although Ninja Theory have never had trouble with story elements. Just gameplay ones. I was so frustrated that i couldn't complete Enslaved, simply because the combat was so so awful and unfairly difficult.

      I've always felt their gameplay needed a lot of work, heavenly sword was unplayable for me, so difficult and unnecessarily awkward. I stopped playing enslaved and can't really bring myself to get back into it.

    Go to DMC!

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