FarmVille 2 Prized Animal Improvements: Everything You Need To Know

While many FarmVille 2 players love collecting animals, there was always the dread of running out of useful adult animals when they become "Prized". At the beginning of the game's life cycle, Prized animals were arguably worthless, rewarding players with just a few coins and XP when tended. Finally, they've been completely overhauled to reward players with premium items each time they're fed.

To be especially clear, baby animals haven't been changed, and you'll still need to feed them Bottles in order to turn them into Adults. Also, Adult animals will continue to produce basic items like Milk Bottles or Eggs, depending on the animal. Once an animal becomes Prized, it will now require Feed to actually tend (this was not the case before), and you'll receive premium ingredients as a reward for keeping these Prized Animals around.

You can check the materials the each animal will create by looking at their improved listings in the store. The White Chicken, for instance, its Adult item hasn't changed from the White Egg. But at the Prized level, a White Chicken will produce Brown Eggs instead. You can also see a detailed view of how many XP you'll receive when tending each kind of animal, along with hw long before they're ready again. (For the White Chicken, that's five minutes.) You can even see how many times you'll need to feed the animal before it becomes Prized, if you like to plan ahead.

As you might quickly notice, the timers on some animals has been changed, and some animals look to take much longer to become Prized than it did before. This all helps make Prized animals more valuable than before, and encourages players to keep them around after an animal is fully grown. Stay tuned for other game-changing updates to FarmVille 2, but for now, check out the rest of the details about Prized Animals on the FarmVille 2 blog.

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What do you think of these changes to Prized Animals in FarmVille 2? Will you be more likely to keep Prized Animals now that they give off premium ingredients? Sound off in the comments!

Brandy Shaul is an editor at Republished with permission.


    Does Kotaku get paid for all these farmville articles?

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        Doesn't do a great deal for their already somewhat shaky credence as a news source.

      Thankyou for saying this, as I've been noticing them frequently and wondering just who actually asked to read about this, especially when they're titled like someone actually asked for this info ("... everything you need to know", which for anything from Zynga is nothing)!

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