Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Is Live And Pretty Disappointing

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Is Live And Pretty Disappointing

Sneaking past me onto iTunes this morning, DeNA’s Asian import Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is now available for free download. Just don’t expect much in the ways of bells or whistles. In fact, there’s no sound at all.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is one of those collectible card games I love so much, only instead of collecting dragons, fairies or pirates, the player collects and levels summons and skills. I have a level 13 fire spell. If I sacrifice some scrolls to it I can level it some more.

These card games are a plague, commonly released with no audio whatsoever, relying on striking visuals to keep the players’ attentions. That a Final Fantasy game has launched on iTunes with no audio whatsoever just makes me sad.

I’ll continue playing to see if it gets more interesting, but my hopes aren’t high.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade [iTunes App Store]


  • A final fantasy game with no music…? What the hell are you spending money on! The music is the only thing worth paying for nowadays!

    • its a free game…

      what they charge for is the mobage coins used to buy better ‘cards’ in the game. Honestly these new games are terrible lacking in substance and basically just a shell to get more money.

      I played the Transformers Legends game and the artwork is awesome based to the new G1 toys mostly. but there’s only 4 areas (2 per faction) and I’ve already completed them and I think I’ve gotten all the non cash-shop cards available and there is nothing left for me to do but do the same areas again to collect more cards i already have to fuse them.

      mobage really is putting very little content in these games but want to charge you $3? for a single card…

  • No audio whatsoever? Really? That’s just ridiculous. Even Square’s other cash-in cardgames like Guardian Cross has music and sound effects…

  • Japan is plagued by companies that want to sell virtual magic the gathering type content. It doesn’t fly for long overseas. A company even got i trouble for exploring a gambling and laws were changed around ir

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