Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Is Live And Pretty Disappointing

Sneaking past me onto iTunes this morning, DeNA’s Asian import Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is now available for free download. Just don’t expect much in the ways of bells or whistles. In fact, there’s no sound at all.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is one of those collectible card games I love so much, only instead of collecting dragons, fairies or pirates, the player collects and levels summons and skills. I have a level 13 fire spell. If I sacrifice some scrolls to it I can level it some more.

These card games are a plague, commonly released with no audio whatsoever, relying on striking visuals to keep the players’ attentions. That a Final Fantasy game has launched on iTunes with no audio whatsoever just makes me sad.

I’ll continue playing to see if it gets more interesting, but my hopes aren’t high.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade [iTunes App Store]

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