Fine Art: This Artist Is Paid To Draw Star Wars Pictures All Day Long

If you had asked me as a kid what my dream job would have been, getting paid to draw pictures of Star Wars would have been right up there. So yeah, Amy Beth Christenson has quite the day job.

A former senior concept at Lucasarts for over a decade, she now works at Lucasfilm, and since 2000 has helped define the look of things like the Force Unleashed series and the Clone Wars animated TV show.

God, I love these. It's a shame the Force Unleashed games weren't that great as games, because I think in terms of nailing the look of "classic" Star Wars, they do a better job than even the likes of Dark Forces and X-Wing.

You can check out more of her work on her personal site and blog (thanks CAW!)


    And now I want to play 'The Force Unleashed' again...

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