First Dirty Bomb Gameplay Trailer Shows A Messy Battlefield

Following up on last month's trailer, here's a look at some pre-alpha multiplayer gameplay from Brink and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory developer Splash Damage's brand new title, Dirty Bomb.

We get to see mostly scenes of infantry action, though a few moments of sniping and vehicular combat make it in as well.

Dirty Bomb: London Bridge Gameplay [YouTube]


    Man, this takes me back to the good old days playing Wolfenstein enemy territory! No ADS except for sniper rifles,lots of fun!

      There was ADS for the assault rifle, it was shown near the end of the video. He only did it for like a nano second.

    This looks alot like Brink, more than I would like. Only difference is I will not buy this one for $8

    Last edited 15/12/12 10:56 am

    I see nothing new, different or interesting. I will pass.

    BF3 is all the military multiplayer I need.

    Wolfenstine ET was really good, I feel like everything they have done since has been trying to approximate that... Sadly they haven't yet.
    I would like to see these guys succeed but after brink and quakewars I'm not going to risk shelling out for another halfbaked multi game...

    The name dirty bomb reminds me of the Robin Williams skit.

    Meh, Blacklight Retribution is free to play and looks far better than this.

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