First Look At The Ender’s Game Movie

First Look At The Ender’s Game Movie

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, here’s your first look at the upcoming Ender’s Game movie (based on Orson Scott Card’s book) starring Harrison Ford.


  • Man, I loved this book. If only Orson Scott Card wasn’t such a complete and utter tool…. I hate him, but he’s done crap like write all the insult sword fighting insults in Monkey Island…. I feel so betrayed :p

  • Wait, what?
    The more I hear about what he’s done the more I want to love him. But some (a lot?) of his views are just so against mine.

    His actual writing and work is generally so good though.

    Edit: This was in response to @Jake

  • You got any links to that guys? I’ve read a lot of his books, but I don’t know anything about him as a person.

    • Basically he’s a Mormon (which made him writing an Alcoholic so forced and stupid since he literally made Ultimate Tony Stark drunk after one sip of champane, but besides that it doesn’t really come up much), and has very strong homophobic beliefs. The highlights include his belief that anti-sodomy and other anti-gay laws should be on the books (but not enforced), just to show homosexuals that what they’re doing is wrong, has gone on record as saying that legalising Gay Marriage is something that should have the responsible of an armed revolution over, and donates a lot of the profits of his work to various anti-homosexual organisations.

      So in short, he’s a brilliant writer, but he’s an utter bastard in real life and he’s tied the two together by taking his profits and using it to fund the beliefs many people take issue with.

      • Seriously, links?

        I’ve read a few of the much touted interviews, and honestly none of the ones I read were particularly militant.They just seem to get blown out of proportion by people unwilling to listen to a viewpoint opposing theirs. Yes, he is against homosexual marriage (and practice, for that matter), but he wasn’t advocating any kind of violence or even wishing any particular ill will towards the people in question.

        You can disagree with his views, but he’s never seemed to me like he’s actually that big a jerk. If you read the intro to the article in question, about “keeping the laws on the books”, he points out that his calling for them not to be enforced was actually quite progressive for the audience he was writing to. Context is everything.


          There you go. Preaching revolution against a Government that passes Gay Marriage. And revolutions aren’t known for being bloodless.

          And regardless of the keeping the laws on the books, no. Saying that “I don’t want them enforced” doesn’t make you any better of a person. He still wants them there as a way of telling Homosexuals that society at large thinks they’re wrong.

  • Author’s viewpoints aside: Hey, look, we’re getting a movie of a great book! And Harrison Ford is back in a Sci-Fi movie! That always works out well!

  • Agreed. I still enjoy many of L. Ron Hubbard’s old sci-fi books, despite the whole Dianetics thing.. (I was replying to badger above..)

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