Following Up On The Code Hero Kickstarter That Ran Out Of Money

In February, the Kickstarter for Code Hero raised over $US170,000. Now they're out of money. So what's the latest on this?

Code Hero's creators have been somewhat unresponsive recently, and some of the project's backers have taken to the Code Hero Kickstarter page to complain about the lack of updates. One or two have even hinted at a potential class-action lawsuit against the people behind Code Hero, as the backers have yet to receive their Kickstarter rewards, and updates are few and far between.

So I reached out to Alex Peake, the man behind Code Hero, to ask him what's going on. Is the game dead? What happened to all of the money?

"Code Hero is very much alive," Peake told me in an e-mail. "Although we are out of funds because we've paid a full time dev team for the last year to work on it, we continue to work on the project as volunteers until we can raise more funds and the team is currently myself and 5 programmers working on it actively."

They say they're working on a full Q&A for backers, which should be up on their Kickstarter page within the next day or so.

"We should have written more frequent Kickstarter updates and answered questions faster letting people know our progress," Peake said. "It sucks to have the Internet accusing you of crazy things when you're working hard on something that is already a big challenge."


    You mean “Although we are out of funds because we’ve spent all the money on random crap, we continue to pretend work on the project until we can raise more funds and see how much money we can make out of all this”

    I avoid game Kickstarter brackets that give me merchandise. These are dev's, not manufacturers, they are going to FU the costs associated with the merchandise. Just give me digital extra's and some kudos. I don't want a T-shirt.

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