Four Female Pilots Were Cut From Return Of The Jedi

This is probably the most interesting piece of Star Wars trivia I have ever come across. Turns out that there were four female pilots cast and filmed for Return of the Jedi's climactic Battle of Endor. Two of them were A-Wing pilots, the other two piloting an X-Wing, with one, played by Vivienne Chandler, having an entire page of dialogue.

Sadly, according to Star Wars Aficionado, none of the four ever made it into the finished film. The two A-Wing pilots, one elderly, can at least be seen buried in the extras on the Star Wars blu-rays (I've never seen them), but the two X-Wing pilots went straight to the editing room floor.

If there's nobody at Lucasarts looking at this and stroking their chin, wondering if any of these ladies would make an interesting story for a video game, then... sigh, I just don't know.

GIRL POWER! "JEDI"s FEMALE FIGHTER PILOTS...[Star Wars Afficiando, via Buzzfeed]


    That sucks. I never thought about it before, but it would've been good to see some more women in the star wars universe doing.... anything really. Especially flying star fighters.

      I guess being leader of the whole Rebel Alliance doesn't leave you much time to do anything then I guess. I always though Mon Mothma should get off her arse and do some more work! ;-)

      But yes, some female pilots would have been awesome! The picture of the pilot in the orange flight suit and helmet..... very awesome!

        Yeah mon mothma, princess leia... and... who?

        C'mon. Name some more female characters? There's not many compared to all the dudes.

        We all must face it. Star wars is a complete sausage factory.

          Heres a list of ALL the female characters* from ALL of the main 6 movies...

          Mon Mothma
          Beru [hey! Her an owen were roasted to a crisp! Why was that not disturbing but pilots are?...]
          Sabe [I'm clutching at straws here....]
          Shmi [Although she can apparently conceive without a man, so..... anyway]
          Breha Organa [Trophy wife of Bail.... hmm..... doesn't improve this list much then eh?]
          Zam Wesel [Was really a changeling, so guess that also doesn't count...]
          Lama Su [?]
          Aayla Secura [a female jedi!, there ya go!]
          The queen of naboo [not padme, the one after her, you know her name!]

          Mace Windu [He screamed like a little girl when he was pushed out of the window when the writers decided they needed to wrap things up quick smart....]

          Ok.... so my point is..... females are either token servants or weird undefined from different species. So I guess..... you are correct, and I agree with you! How about *THAT*!?

          *that I can currently remmeber

      I think they excluded them for psychological reasons since it is disturbing to watch females die.(As most star fighters die so I assume these ones did too)

      Last edited 13/12/12 12:41 pm

        You don't find it disturbing to watch men die? Only women?

    Is that top one Julia Gillard?!

      Yes, but genetically spliced with Jodie Foster

    The pilot at the top is going to have her flying career cut real short, if that TIE Interceptor has anything to say about it.

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