Fox News Links Connecticut Shooting To Violent Video Games

We have yet to hear all the details on today's horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which claimed the lives of 27 people this morning. News is still trickling in as we learn about what happened, how it happened and why it happened.

But Fox News is already bringing in experts to link the massacre to reality TV, Facebook, and... computer games. Of course. You can watch the clip above.


    This does not surprise me in the slightest. This is both an unmitigated tragedy and depressingly something that is become far too common in the United States. For Fox News to jump to conclusions such as blaming Video Games for the massacre amongst other things (though Reality TV could be banned, I doubt anything of value will be lost) is just clutching at straws for sensationalism sake, and to be honest at this point I truly expect nothing less from what has to be the biggest joke in American news broadcasting.

    The sad fact here is that 20 children have pointlessly died, and this massacre will most likely lead to another conversation in the United States about gun control that will eventually go nowhere. All while down here certain groups will most likely try to use this tragedy as another reason why we shouldn't adopt the R18+ rating for video games.

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      Yes, Fox needs to help create a target for blame to distract away from the lack of gun control laws.

    I can't even be bothered arguing against this anymore..

      Dude are you playing Guardians of Middle Earth at the moment? Swear I saw this name on there yesterday.

      This is how much I cbf arguing about this topic. Note the lack of related comment.

        I'm not actually, I have thought about it though. There is another guy that prowls the Kotaku forums who I recently found out uses the same name as myself, so it may have been him.

    As soon as I saw the report on tv I said "And ofcourse they're going to blame it on video games!"

      Yep, as soon as I read "Fox News Links Connecticut Shooting To Violent Video Games" my immediate thought was "Of course they are."

    This is terrible news to start the morning to. I can't comprehend how horrible anyone connected with that school is feeling right now.

    Fox news will do anything to take attention off of gun control.

    How is Fox News a major source of news for Americans? With little research they spout out garbage and put the blame on everything other than what the real issue is in the states, gun control

      The centrists and left media in the USA is fragmented across a bunch of players. Fox is the elephant of conservative news. It is the only serious player on that side. So while it has news competitors in general, it has something of a monopoly over conservative news.

    I'm surprised they are yet to blame Marilyn Manson or violent TV shows like the Walking Dead. Fox News should burn in hell.

    Fox news do this everytime there's a school shooting. Half an hour after Virginia Tech, before even the police had any idea why it happpened, that useless "news" channel had so called experts on the show blaming video games.

    Its just not worth arguing about. Anything to do with Faux News should always be automatically dismissed. The channel is nothing more than a propaganda network for extremist republicans and conservative drones who dont give two shits about the facts, they just want to use anything they can to push their little imaginary agendas.

    Please, show me all those video games where you play as a deranged gunman that gets to walk into a primary school and murder innocent children.

      Super Columbine Highschool Massacre.... Made only because of a school shooting :/

    Well it's almost progress they did mention it bringing out the worst of people already mentally ill

    Why is anyone surprised? Fox news s a running joke even in America.

    very sad that children have pointlessly died and its saddens me more when its near the holiday season. i read this on a different news site that didn't mention anything about movies or games. but fox had to point the finger already and blame typical fox

    It's easy to quickly dismiss this video because its Fox News (yes, its a ridiculous news station but try to watch without that in the back of your head) and somewhat anti-gaming (it wasn't sensationalized by fox's standards) but I think it made some valid points. In the wake of this terrible tragedy everyone's trying to understand how this sort of thing can happen. Why are massacres like this a relatively modern thing? You have to compare the context of now, when these massacres are becoming prevalent and in the past when people didn't kill others en mass without apparent reason. Now there's been a tremendous amount of change in society since, say, 50 years ago. Some aspects have improved while others gone down hill. I think the video's observation about the decrease in empathy is accurate. I don't know if there's any evidence supporting this statement but upon my initial impression I'd agree with it (should probs research after this post). Now, certain games are not solely responsible for this decline in empathy, I'd say most are actually products or reflections of this culture. However, as products of this trend, they do reinforce it. Not exclusively. Games are only a small, though increasing, facet of our culture yet they are partly responsible for its direction. And as we head towards a society with a diminishing collective culture of empathy I can see, as the video stated, that outliers on spectrum will be more susceptible or inclined to shoot a whole bunch of children. What we do to stop this, I don't know? I don't think we should restrict violent video games or movies or anything like that. Its tough.

      I'll see your argument, and raise you one university massacre from 46 years ago. Probably not caused by Spacewar.

    It is rumored that he was a fan of Mass Effect 3, I'd go on a killing spree if I had to play that.

    ...Too soon?

    LOL! Do you know anything about history? Mass murder has been happening since we climbed down from the trees. What about the Vikings who slaughtered the anglo-saxons? I suppose they were playing video games? What about Caligula who killed thousands of people for his own amusement? What about the Romans? Hitler? Stalin? Ancient greek olympics?

    Dont give us this "society has never been so violent" BS. Society has always been violent and prone to mass murder. Some people are just bat shit crazy or evil. It has nothing to do with any kind of media.

    Get real.

      I don't think you can compare your historical examples to the modern massacres seen in America as they're very different. Your examples involved powerful groups - not seemingly everyday individuals. These individuals aren't murdering for conquest or power gain. I mean this guy killed himself after he was finished. It's a new phenomenon. And its a product of the current society that we live in. A society which encompasses video games.

      At no point did I say society has never been so violent. Society has always been violent - just in different ways. I am more so agreeing with the perception that empathy is in decline. I know that's a generalized statement but its something that I generally believe in. Yes, we're making forward steps. Black rights, women's rights and currently gay rights. But at a very basic level I think empathy is declining. This observation is relevant when discussing this massacre.

      And I don't think there's a causal relationship between exposure to violent video games and committing these massacres. But I do think its important to consider video games' impact on society as a whole - and society's impact on video games. Wasn't that kind of the point of Spec Ops - The Line?

      Closing comments: Don't trivialize this discussion.

        Are you really so arrogant as to miss such a simple point? People have ALWAYS been prone to acts of horrific violence. Whether its groups, governments or individuals; it all comes down to people being prone to violence. Mass media, society or whatever other trash you feel the need to spurt out, is ultimately irrelevant. Why? Again, take some history lessons. There were school shootings by INDIVIDUALS before video games had even been invented. Before TV or mass media.

        The only role media plays in any of this is the fact it enables people to be much more informed about things. Some people like you mistake easily accessible knowledge for an increase in violence or [insert subject here]. Just because people were more ignorant before increased world wide media, it doesnt mean certain things never existed.

        Nobody is trivialising anything. Look at the big picture.

          Dude, you seem really aggressive (blame video games!) and I think we'll probably never break through to each other. To answer your question, no, I'm not so arrogant to miss your point. I agreed with you. Seriously, go back and read through my post.

          Society is ultimately irrelevant? I guess this is where we disagree. I agree with you that violence has been pervasive throughout human history BUT I believe the form of this violence has changed and been contextualized by wider society at different points in time. You keep telling me to go take some history lessons. Isn't history part of the social studies/study of society/ social education branches. Funny that.

    Media outlets only blame video games because its the easiest thing to point the blame at without doing any research.

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    The people who knew the shooter say he obviously needed help for mental health issues that wasn't available for as long as they knew him; the people who didn't know him hang the victims' corpses from their palisades to guard against criticism of their political ideals.

    Mankind has always been violent, massacres have always happened throughout history, it is only now because of the mass media that everybody knows about it. Who is the biggest terrorist, the man with the bomb or the man with the camera. Hey dickhead, drop the camera and kill the bomber...........

    Guns don't kill people, people do, but they use guns to do it.

    The shooter posted on 4chan on Wednesday saying he was going to do it.

      I saw some screenshots of this, i'm not sure if it was legit or not.

    This happens due to easy access to weapons. ALL GUNS and other WEAPONS should be kept in a locked secured weapon grade authorised container at all times except for when in use obviously.

    I highly doubt the US has as strong gun laws as Australia.
    Anytime someone has a unfotunate mental disability they really should be kept as far away from these sort of items.
    Yes people kill people not guns except for when the people are using them to kill people. Simple solution? Make it harder to get guns = less people killing people with guns.

    Seriously they take the stupidest things and blame it, he was breathing oxygen maybe Thats what made him do it.......but they do this to find a way to comprehend what is actually going on they need something to help there heads get around why another human being would do this.

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