Free, Fan-Made Mega Man Christmas Carol Is Back To Wish You A Happy 20XX

If you didn't take a crack at Mega Man Christmas Carol when it released two years ago, give it a shot now. It can be downloaded from here (ZIP, 16MB).

The fan-made game reimagines the Ghosts of Christmas (plus miserable old Marley) as boss showdowns in Mega Man. Sprites, Inc has remade its first game with a new engine, and continues to tweak the difficulty based on community feedback.

The video above should give you a good idea of what it's all about. Future seems to be the toughest Ghost/Master, from the discussion in that forum thread. (The game's five difficulty levels go up to a "Wut" mode, good luck with that.)

INC's 2012 Christmas Present — Megaman's Christmas Carol Remix [Sprites Inc]


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