Gaming App Of The Day: It May Be Expensive, But It’s Still Final Fantasy IV

Gaming App Of The Day: It May Be Expensive, But It’s Still Final Fantasy IV

While not the best Final Fantasy game of all-time (in my reality that’s IX), Final Fantasy IV was one of the first role-playing games to feature a deep, character-driven plot and introduced the world to the Active Time Battle system, adding an element of urgency to pressing one button over and over again. That’s at least $17 worth of value right there.

Matrix Software’s 2007 remake for the Nintendo DS is prettier than ever on the retina screen of the iPhone and iPad (doesn’t look too shabby on the mini either). Those pixelated 3D textures take on a certain charm when blown up to size, and the novelty of hearing Cecil and Cain exchanging dialogue with actual voices never fades.

Players get an epic tale of good versus not-so-good wrapped around an endless string of turn-based battles interspersed with exploration and equipment upgrades.

What that will cost them is $16.99, which is definitely on the more expensive end of the iOS game spectrum, but considering the cheapest price I can find for a used copy of the DS version — $15.99, not counting shipping — it’s a fair price. And hey, Square Enix finally released a universal Final Fantasy game. That’s progress!

If it seems like a bit of a cop out, picking a proven game from an at-the-time proven publisher for today’s Gaming App of the Day, then consider this — it’s Christmas Eve, and I need to make buffalo chicken dip. Of course it’s a copy out, but it’s also a damn fine choice.

Final Fantasy IV — $16.99 [iTunes App Store]


  • It’s the best FF of all time to me, but sadly this is the only platform I’d never buy it for, I already own it on gba and DS.

    • In all honesty – I doubt it looks any better or has any new content so its probably a good thing. Sadly I never got it for my DS and I wouldn’t mind picking it up for a tablet but wanna ditch my iPad :-/

    • The game looks noticeably crisper in comparison to the DS version, especially the text but that’s about it although it does have a difficulty selection which is a new feature

  • I finished FFIV on DSi XL last month – I couldn’t wait to finish it. Not because I loved it, but rather that I hated it. I will have my RPGs more plain and simple thank you Square Enix!
    I invest precious grown-up person time to level up my characters and then you decide to take several of them due to the plotline? You bastards! Also, when you port an older game and you change key parts like graphics and art – why not allow for a fairer save point? This game was not exactly piss easy on certain bosses.
    But the music, oh the music, so beautiful !

  • This is an big step forward for Squenix: universal app, no IAP, improved graphics, multi-language support, Game Center, improved graphics, et cetera. Whilst it’s still a little overpriced, keep in mind that a lot of work has gone into this fantastic game (^_^)

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