Giant Team Fortress Statue Sadly Does Not Include Tiny Jar Of Piss

Gaming heads has been working away on a line of enormous Team Fortress 2 statues for literally years now, and are only now moving onto their fourth one. But that's OK. When they turn out as nice as they have been, it's worth the wait.

The latest is my second-favourite Australian in the TF2 universe, a man whose accuracy and ability to pull of wearing a silly hat more than makes up for his slender build.

The Sniper should hopefully be out in Q2 2013, and will retail for $US220 (or $US235 for a slightly fancier, limited edition variant that comes with an African shield).

The Sniper [Gaming heads]


    FYI the shield's Australian, like the sniper :P
    Struggling to justify getting one of these, but I'm really tempted.

    Despite the fact the sniper is Australia, i would prefer to have a statue of the scout. Such a hard choice if i was only to chose one

    That ain't just a shield. That's a genuine Razorback, the Sniper's best friend for combating those pesky back-stabbing Spys.

      If he has the Razorback, they also should have included a Ghastly Gibus, Pyrovision goggles and Mercenary's Badge. The rifle also should have been a Machina ;)

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