Girl Steals $1600 To Play Video Games

No one ever suspected a child when about $1600 went missing from a mobile phone shop until after security cameras caught the little scamp crawling on the floor behind the counter. Now a 10-year-old girl is in hot water after being caught stealing money to fund her video gaming habit.

The girl in question, pseudonym Ah Hong, was apparently stealing money from the mobile phone store to purchase Q coins. Q coins are a form of digital currency used by Tencent. The coins can be used from buying add ons for avatars, stickers and digital furniture for home pages, to buying in game items for Tencent published games (most notably games that are related to the QQ Chat client).

According to the video recording, Ah Hong walked into the mobile phone store at 7pm. After looking left and right, her view landed on the unlocked register. Seeing that she could get behind the counter unnoticed, Ah Hong waited for the store clerks to relax, then she crawled all the way to the register. She reached inwards and grabbed a bundle of cash. Ah Hong walked away with 10,300 yuan ($1620).

After stealing the cash Ah Hong did as any criminal would do; she returned to the scene to purchase Q coins for her account. She spent 100 yuan.

At about 7.30pm, the store clerks started to count the register and suddenly found that it was light. Scared and horrified that she may have lost a lot of money, the store clerk called the police and watched the security tapes. It was then that they saw little Ah Hong committing the crime.

Police then paid Ah Hong's home a visit where they discovered the remaining cash sitting in a tea box on Ah Hong's desk. The money was then returned to the store and Ah Hong was disciplined by her grandparents. Because Ah Hong is under 14, she couldn't be charged with a criminal offence.

According to the police, who wanted to find a motive to why Ah Hong stole the money, the girl did it because she had a bad gaming habit and no parental supervision. Since her father is away at work, she spends most of her time with her grandparents who are in their late '70s.

However lack of parental guidance isn't an excuse for theft and Ah Hong and her guardians received a strict talking to.

10岁女童匍匐进店偷走万元 [Sina via People's Daily]

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    rah rah video games rah rah corrupted youth rah rah end of the world rah rah where are the parents

      The hell are you going on about, I thought this article told the story pretty well with no exaggeration or scare mongering at all...

        Sorry I didn't mean to imply this article had taken that perspective

    You have committed crimes against skyrim and her people...

    You could just about have a whole site dedicated to video game adjacent events that occured in China. Actually, maybe do that - would free up space here.

    No video game teaches kids to crawl under a counter and open the cash register to steal money, but smashing said cash register with gun or bat to reveal floating money is something police have to keep on eye on.

    She was using a game website, it wasn't for video games. but yes parental guardians fault, who lets a 10 year old out on the streets at 7pm...

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