Giving A Wii U This Christmas? Nintendo Wants You To Update It First

One of the best things about getting new hardware for Christmas is the rush of unboxing it. Soaking up the smells, opening up the bags, being the first to put fingerprints on the thing. It really makes you feel like you're about to use something new.

It's a pity then that Nintendo is having to advise people to skip this if there's a Wii U under the tree.

Because the console's initial update is such an important and time-consuming one, Nintendo of America is recommending that the person giving a Wii U should first take it out of the box, plug it in, use it and update it themselves before handing it over.

It's a practical recommendation, I know. Nothing will take the wind out of a kid's sails faster than giving them a console to play games on, then telling them they shouldn't play games on it for a while until they update it. Still, it's a little sad that things had to come to this.



    What a joke piece of advice. I have some advice for Nintendo: Update it yourself before you put it in the box. Nintendo's greed - getting Holiday sales instead of releasing a machine that's ready to go out of the box brought this.

    Now they've insulted us. It is an insult, to have us buy their machine as a gift, then tell us to open it, fix it, and gift as used.

    Nintendo wants their cake and to eat it too. Well, Nintendo - go screw yourselves. You're not ready for the giant Firmware updates that will be happening Christmas morning, you're not ready for the rash of Bricked machines, you're not ready for the negative PR storm to hit your shore after you've ruined kids Christmas mornings across the world.

    Your greed brought this on you. But hey - you've racked up 1.8 million Console sales in the first 4 weeks, so I suppose its paid off for you?

      LOL. Get madder. Seriously, is it really something to be this upset about?

        This will be my general reply to all of you.

      Dude, update took me half an hour. I get that with most games these days.

      The update isn't even that bad. The reason Nintendo couldn't do it, is because these consoles have been manufactured and stored in factories long before this update was made. If people are stupid enough to pull out the power cable during the a firmware update, that is their problem. Try turning off your PC during a BIOS update, same thing.

      Wow. It is a firmware update - not a conspiracy. It is to be expected. I've had longer installations on games on ps3. Do you act like this when you get a toy that needs batteries? BTW you can still play games without the update so it is not broken.

      Wow, have a cry buddy.

      Just for the record the following things will also require downloads when you first get them:
      A new car, an iPhone, any Xbox thats been on the shelf more than 3 months, any PS3 thats been on the shelf more than a few months, a smart TV, a new PC, a 3DS, a PS VITA, a stereo with iPod support....

      I hope nobody gets you anything that isn't a ball-in-a-cup for Christmas, i'd hate to see you get any more sand in your vagina.

      I hate to say it but oceanj has a point. It's fine for people to claim that the update is inconsequential, yet at the same time I would assume that you have an internet connection with really fast speed and data limit which would easily accommodate for the update, therefore it wouldn't be an issue for you. But you have to remember not everyone has these things.

      Some people wouldn't have the data required to download the patch, for some people using more than 5GB of data in a month is far fetched to them, Nintendo is asking them to essentially do that for one download. At the same time you have people in the position I am where I have enough data to cover the size but I live in an area where the best internet speed I can get is ADSL 1, with that in mind the download took me over 2 and a half hours to finish. That wasn't too bad for me because I was doing it at 1-2am in the morning and I'm old enough to wait for good things to happen, but can you imagine a child having to wait nearly 3 hours on Christmas morning to play with his new toy, maybe even more if the servers are throttled because everyone will be trying to download the update simultaneously.

      I would be really surprised if Nintendo didn't have to suffer a PR nightmare through the new year.

        Seriously??? The update is just under 1gig! The 5gig download is all utter bullshit started by the gaming press.. And whats the reason for the pissed off attitude over this update? Apparently the patch will download in the background if you opt to play your games straight away - so there is no reason to wait the 2-3 hours if it takes your internet connection that long.

          Most people will not be aware of the ability to download the patch in the background. The console never implicitly states that can do so, as soon as you finish the initial set up process the console goes into the updating process, and you can't cancel the download and start again to download it in the background because doing so might brick your console. Hell I wasn't aware you could download the patch in the background until someone mentioned it to me after the fact. Regardless of whether the patch is 1gb or 5gb, I still maintain it took me 2 and a half hours to finish it, granted this was on launch night, but I'd wager than Christmas day the server will be more throttled then they were on launch.

          What amazed me is how many people are willing to jump to the defence of this, Yes someone mentioned that the PS3 and 360 require a download patch of roughly the same size when you first use them, but they're six years old, and have been through literally hundreds of different firmware updates each. The Wii U is less than 3 months old and requires a firmware update that puts it at the very least in the same league as the PS3 and 360, that not a good sign.

            If you are a child and are FORTUNATE enough to be bought a wii U AND have the internet THEN be grateful. Boo hoo. Seriously toughen the f up and be glad you have received an awesome gift. Spend the time with your family and friends instead of throwing a tantrum.

              Try saying that to a seven year old. . . also I didn't receive the Wii U as a gift, I bought it with my hard earned money.

              Secondly I don't consider pointing out a legitimate issue with the console throwing a tantrum, My issue with the console would be resolved if Nintendo had given the option to move this download into the background after it had started, but they didn't.

              Another thing that comes to mind would be will you be so willing to jump to Microsoft and Sony's defence if they are unfortunate enough to have a relatively large patch required for the PS4 and 720 when they come out, or is this level of defensiveness and hostility only required when someone has the audacity to state that Nintendo is not incapable of fault. . .

                I was not referring to you. Where did I refer to you? I specifically said - child! If your child throws a tantrum over a short wait then you are not very good at parenting. Instant gratification is not mandatory. I have all 3 consoles and will get the new ones when they come out. If there is a big update at launch - so be it - I am grateful that I work enough to be able to afford a launch console. What actually is nintendos fault? You are now however beginning to sound childish.

                  Whether or not you were referring to me or not is irrelevant, you still claim that the issue I brought up is equivalent to a child throwing a tantrum. While I agree that instant gratification is not mandatory, all major consoles nowadays require some form of firmware update prior to use, this does not mean Nintendo is absolved of all fault.

                  What I find Nintendo's fault is the fact that this first off firmware update, the update that makes many of the often touted features of the Wii U functional (outside of playing the games) is the first thing the console pressures you to do after you have finished the initial set up, does not allow you to change the download to work in the background once started despite the fact that it is capable of doing so, and dependent on what people have said in these comments, can take anywhere from 15 minutes to over 2 hours to complete.

                  if you look back at my comments you'll notice at no point did I ever actually come out and say Nintendo are entirely wrong for doing this, despite saying that they have to take some level of fault for it. I understand Nintendo were between a rock and a hard place with this decision, they could either release the console on time and require it to download a 1gb patch on start up, or delay the release to install the patch onto each console prior to launch, neither decision is exactly preferable. All I've been saying from the very start is Nintendo is going to have a Public Relation issue with this post Christmas day, no doubt I would expect Nintendo have been bracing for it. (and most likely preparing their servers as well) People are not going to be as forgiving to Nintendo for this as many of the commenters here are.

                  Where did I say you were having a tantrum? And it is not irrelevant as you seemingly fail to comprehend anything being said to you.

                Oh yeah thanks for the gift of IRONY. NINTENDO need to patch the console to let you move the update into the background after starting it. Yet they have to patch/update that to ALLOW that. LOL.

              tell that to a child

                Do kids scream and cry if you buy them a bike or playset that needs to be assembled? If so - go to a parenting class.

                  Most of us build the bikes and play sets BEFORE we give them to the kids.

                  Kids aren't known for their attention span y'know.

        It is a 1gb update. The OS reserves 5gb. As pointed out above most modern devices need an update. Further you don't have to update immediately - you can still play games!!! Update overnight.

        Can't we all just get along :(

        I can not wait to see the update size/outrages for the next xbox :\

      So let me see.. I have the choice of having the console ready for sale launch day and need an update, which (took me 40 mintes) up to 2 hours apparently? (Which can apparently be downloaded in the background) OR!!!!!!! I could wait until they finish the firmware, inject it into each machine and delay the launch for oh.. Another 2-3 months while they try to get every console packaged as fast as possible?

      Get over yourself and your attitude. I PERSONALLY would rather have the console sooner. I have had nothing but a ball with this machine and have used it more since launch than I have my 3DS/Xbox in the past 6 months, if you want to hate and be a jackass - go for it, your not getting my support though. They made a tough call and for me - it was the right one!

      my update only took 15 mins lol. And I have pretty damn slow internet with vivid wireless, my area is barely in it's coverage range

        If you downloaded a 1 gig update in 15 minutes you would have to be downloading at about 1100K a second which I don't think most people would classify as slow compared to most AU internet.

    They also want you to create an account on the console and then find that your disc drive is broken meaning that you have to send it back into Nintendo for several weeks and have no Wii U over Christmas :(

    Well as far as i know you can actually play retail games without updating but of course you dont get all the other features, so if the people your giving it to can still play games. The console is not require the updates to play any retail games so this is rather a silly advice. But good this site is so good at watching this type of information, when its about the solid Japanese launch sales of the Wii U this site forgets all about it (but was so quick to point out vitas Japanese launch numbers.

    I WOULD update if it actually successfully joined my network (which it wont), wont even join via wireless and cable, yet this same network has 3 PCs, a laptop, Xbox, phone and iPad all connected to it (with different medias) with no issues what so ever ....

    Nintendo should have told the sales staff at outlets to make customers aware that they may have to spend a whole day if they un-box it it on the 25th doing wi-fi updates. The kids got it at 7am this morning. The friggin' thing still isn't working at 9pm. No ethernet port for $400?.
    Now my wife asks out how much I paid for it just before we go on holidays and we already have a working PS3, 5xPCs, 360, Wii, 2 x Ipads, 3 x Iphones.
    I have no answer.

    10:11PM Connected to WiFi again after 10 attempts, trying to finish update for the 6th time.
    If it doesn't work, the neighbors will find it in their back yard.

    Update Fail. Everyone gone to bed. Throw Wii U, FarCry3 on PC.

    I'm sorry to say this, but there seem to be a lot of angry and hurt gamers getting very defensive. The console has a big update and a small hard drive, from launch. It does, in fact, suck, but we should learn to live with it. It'll probably give some goodness in the end, just like the other consoles (With their own problems) We shouldn't be taking the shit out of every one for it. Just play the games.

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