GlaDOS Stars In Del Toro's New Blockbuster Movie Trailer (No, Really)

As we told you back at New York Comic-Con, Ellen McLain, the voice actor behind Portal's GlaDOS, has a role in Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming Pacific Rim. Playing an AI.

As you can see in this new trailer, what this means is that, basically, she's playing GLaDOS in all but name. Well, all but name and maniacal intent.

Also, GlaDOS cameos aside, holy shit does this movie look amazing.


    Part way through I was convinced this was a Monsterpocalypse movie. But it looks like that is being done by Tim Burton.
    However, Guillermo Del Toro, giant monsters and giant robots in any universe is a good thing.

    Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


    Gonna see this, looks like a great popcorn flick :P

    Visually looks pretty great. Can't help but notice another Inception-esque bwwwooorrrrrr trailer.

    GlaDOS, real-steel robots fighting aliens, Guillermo Del Toro, Idris Elba, Looks like its going to be an enjoyable movie :)

    Looks like a mix of Transformers, Godzilla, Portal, Real Steel, Avatar, Independence Day, MechWarrior and a little bit of Doom. Not sure if awesome or stupid.

      If we add references to Japanese anime (e.g. Macross, Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Kaiju cinema (Ultraman, Godzilla) to your impeccable list, I think we can bring Pacific Rim closer to the side of awesome.

    This is so depressing. Instead of an adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness, hollywood has del Toro on this awful Transformers drivel.

      Giant Robots =/= Transformers. The only thing depressing here is ignorant idiots like yourself spouting drivel.

    The constant association with Transformers is rather unsettling. Aside from the fact that the film features robots, the similarities stop there as far as I'm concerned. This 2-minute theatrical trailer has me intrigued and excited. I cannot wait to see more.

    Looks to be heavily inspired by Evangelion to me.

    If they call the computer system anything but GlaDOS ill be so disappointed

    Giant robots? Giant monsters? Guillermo Del Toro? The voice of GlaDOS? It might be 7 months away, but I feel comfortable that I can safely declare this to be the greatest film of all time.

    Sure is misleading title around here.
    I mean, it's a complete lie is what it is.

    I'll try keep an open mind, but can't say I'm excited about western culture trying to recreate evangelion style mechs.
    All those people saying it's not transformers.... it bloody well looks like transformers. The mech pilots look silly and putting a comical GlaDOS into what appears to be a serious action movie just makes it cheap.
    Someone at a meeting said - lets put in as many references and influences from every robot, sci-fi monster movie. That's sure to make us money.
    Whatever happened to making movies for the art and passion and to tell a story. Now it's just who can put in the most explosions, lens flares and destroy a city.

      They don't look much like Evangelion to me and personally I agree with people saying it really does not look like Transformers. Sure it's another gritty+bwwwoooooorrrr raid signal trailer but it still doesn't seem like transformers to me. I saw a comment of someone comparing to The Big O and the mecha designs seem far closer to that than any other mecha anime I can think of (and you can be sure I've watched a few). As for the pilots looking silly, well mech pilots usually get some kind of suit to wear and they aint all sensible looking :P

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